Blessed Gold Plain 7 Day Candle

The Gold 7 Day candle is Used to; hold money, luck, success, finances, and control. Read Psalm 46 for maximum power.

The Gold 7 Day candle is Used to; hold money, get luck in a hurry, success, finances, riches, wealth, wishing, power, and control. Read Psalm 46 for maximum power. 1 Blessed 7 day Plain Candle for $7.98 each - buy 3 for $19.95. Buy a special Fixed, Dressed and Blessed Candle for $15.00 each.

1 Candle
SKU: C7204
3 For $19.95
SKU: C7204D
Specially Fixed
SKU: C7204FX
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7 Colors All Purpose/Good Luck Triple Strength Bath and Sprinkling Salt

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Sandalwood Spiritual Oil

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