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Candle Burning Magic

We can now bless, dress & fix your candles. Try our new special service! We are able to Bless,Dress & Fix any candle you order for only $15.00 per candle. Add Extra Power & Strength, to Achieve your desires-by using this special service offered by our expert staff. Super-Charge your candle and give it that extra boost. "The Power of a Flaming Candle knows no bounds!" Burn your 7 day blessed candle to make your dreams and wishes come true! These candles work because they create positive vibrations that come from inside you! Get what you deserve or want; conquer your problems and suffer no more! To personalize your candle ever more, and make your request very specific-you should order a Dove's Blood Ink Pen (No. M1005 $3.98) and Parchment Paper (No. M1001A $1.00). With the pen, write down your specific desires or request on the Blessed Parchment Paper, and remember that "Faith Works Miracles!"

Allen Kardec 7 Day Magic Candle

This candle has the Spirit of Allen Kardec - the internationally renowned Man of alleged SuperNatural Powers - working for you.
$25.00 $9.95

Better Business 7 Day Magic Candle

Burn this candle to attract customer and get business booming! Do not let your successful business go down the drain. Lighting this candle will have people spending cash money in your place of business!
From $8.33

Black Cat 7 Day Magic Candle

The Black Cat Candle will grant fast luck in gambling, win big and often! Call out JACKPOT Again and Again! Money and Luck is yours!
From $8.33

Bring Customers 7 Day Magic Candle

Burn the Bring Customers candle in your place of business to attract customer to spend cash money in your business! Burn this candle and watch as business blossoms from the financial gain that the candle will bring unto you and your business!
From $8.33

Buddha 7 Day Magic Candle

The Buddha Candle will grant Good luck, happiness, and fertility. This lucky Buddha candle will bring to you the joy and riches of royalty!
From $8.33

Cast Off Evil 7 Day Magic Candle

Burning the Cast Off Evil candle will help your in destroying and casting off the evil that is plaguing your life. Do not let the hand of evil keep you down, and burn this candle now!
From $8.33

Chango Macho 7 Day Magic Candle

Chango Macho will help Draw money, power, and love! Call upon the magic of Chango Macho and get everything you want!
From $8.33

Chuparrosa 7 Day Magic Candle

Make my love true and strong! Burn the Chuparrosa candle to being romance, passion and hot sex into your love life!
From $8.33

Cleansing 7 Day Magic Candle

Burn the Cleansing 7 Color candle for cleansing against bad luck, hexes, witchcraft and spells. Cleansing of the home and business.
From $8.33

Come Back To Me 7 Day Magic Candle

Come Back to Me candle will attract the lover that has left you or draw the lover your heart desire, whether that love is new or old, they will come back to you and only you. Burn this all the way to the bottom for it to reach maximum power.
From $8.33

Come To Me 7 Day Magic Candle

The Come To Me Cande will make that special someone in your life love you, desire you, and stay close to you! Make your lover fall in love with you all over again! They will want you and ONLY you!
From $8.33

Commanding 7 Day Magic Candle

Burn the Commanding Candle all the way down to command those around you or someone close to you, to do what you want, fast!
From $8.33

Compelling Power 7 Day Magic Candle

The Compelling Power Candle is a strong candle to have power and control over anything and anyone! Demand obedience and respect from others and have them do as you say!
From $8.33

Confusion 7 Day Magic Candle

Burn the Confusion candle to stop confusion and to start thinking clearly. Unblock all crossed conditions that are causing your confusion. Also use to confuse your enemies!
From $8.33

Congo 7 Day Magic Candle

Burn the Congo Candle to chase all evil away! Power, protection and good dreams will be yours!
From $8.33

Destroys Everything 7 Day Magic Candle

Burn the Destroys Everything candle to get of all evil intentions towards you, your family, place of business and even your home. This candle will get rid of all the evil that wants to bind itself to you.
From $8.33

Do As I Say 7 Day Magic Candle

Have control and make others obey you! Make your lover, children, boss, and friends do as you want them to do! Have it your way and be in control!
From $8.33

Domination 7 Day Magic Candle

Burn the Domination candle to have domination over all things and over all people. Take control and dominate all around you.
From $8.33

Dragon Blood 7 Day Magic Candle

Burn the Dragon Blood candle to Kill all Witchcraft, Voodoo, and to make Satan be gone! This candle will give you the strength to conquer it all and it will help to defeat all evil!
From $8.33

Drive Away Evil 7 Day Magic Candle

Move out the devil and all evil spirits!
From $8.33

Faith & Hope 7 Day Magic Candle

When you are down and desperate and need some uplifting spirits burn the Faith & Hope powerful candle that is packed with positive vibrations. Achieve prosperity, success and luck in all things.
From $8.33

Fast Luck 7 Day Magic Candle

Burn the Fast Luck Pink/Green candle to have fast luck in love and money.
From $8.33

Fast Luck 7 Day Magic Candle

Burn the Fast Luck 7 Color candle to achieve fast luck in different areas of your life. Receive fast luck for money, love, luck, health, marriage & protection.
From $8.33

Fast Luck/ Money Drawing 7 Day Magic Candle

Draws Fast Luck AND Money to live an easy life and to help you turn that bad luck around!
From $8.33

Fast Success 7 Day Magic Candle

Have success in anything! Love, luck, school, work and more! You will never fail again with the help of this candle, GET SUCCESS NOW!
From $8.33

Fortune Teller 7 Day Magic Candle

In order to obtain your fortune, one must burn the Fortune Teller candle all the way down. Your fortune will come to you in your dreams!
From $8.33

Garlic 7 Day Magic Candle

Garlic is said to possess the power of protection, particularly against demons and other such evils. Brings good luck to you in all things and stops the evil around you.
From $8.33

Go Away Evil 7 Day Magic Candle

Burn the Go Away Evil 2 Color Candle to Reverse and Turn Back any evil or enemies that are surrounding you and your home.
From $9.95

Has No Hold 7 Day Magic Candle

Bust through any block thats holding you down. Do not let anyone or any spirit keep you down, have the strength and courage to break free from all holds.
From $8.33

Helping Hand 7 Day Magic Candle

Burning the Helping Hand 7 Color candle will help you to attain the help you deserve in money, love, luck, health, protection & healing. Write you wishes and desires on a piece of parchment paper (M1001A 1.00each) place your candle on top and light your candle. For best results, burn candle all the way down, wait a few days and you will soon notice the changes that the candle will bring into your life.
From $8.33

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