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Fast Money Blessing 7 Day Blessed Candle

The powerful Indian Head Spirit sends money your way, fast!

The powerful Indian Head Spirit sends money your way, fast! 1 Candle for $8.95 each - buy 3 for $24.99! Buy a special Fixed, Dressed and Blessed Candle for $15.00 each.

1 Candle
SKU: C7024
3 For $24.99
SKU: C7024D
Specially Fixed
SKU: C7024FX
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Destroy Evil/Protection/Uncrossing Triple Strength Fixed 7 Day Candle

Move the Devil away from you and your home forever. Drive away all evil spirits and be protected from evil, harm and jealousy. Be cleansed and uncrossed. This candle will kill hexes or curse put on you and it will destroy witchcraft or Voodoo too. Remove all spells and keep them off!
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Drive Away Evil Highest Quality Bath & Floor Wash

This is the Highest Quality Drive Away Evil Bath and Floor Wash. It keeps evil, enemies, and spells away forever. Drive it away for good with this sweet smelling and powerful wash! Finally live life at ease and worry no more - be free of evil!
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Blue Protection and Uncrossing Triple Strength Bath and Sprinkling Salt

These Triple Strength Blue Protection and Uncrossing Bath and Sprinkling Salts will give you Uncrossing Power and Protection against anyone or anything causing you harm. Protect yourself from evil doers and any harm or evil. Be safe from unfortunate accidents and uncross yourself from unwanted conditions. Remove the evil, jinx, and bad luck, and protect yourself from future evil attacks.
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