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Monkey Paw - Lucky Hand!

SKU: MP100
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Fast Luck Highest Quality Bath & Floor Wash

Used for attaining Fast Luck and Success. If your luck is down and you seem to be achieving little these days - use this wash and turn your luck around! Be lucky in all things - success and prosperity! DO NOT SUFFER FROM BAD LUCK ANYMORE!
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Spell/Curse Breaker Bubble Bath Liquid Soap

This special Spell/Curse Breaker Bubble Bath Liquid Soap is used to Unblock any condition that is holding you back. Turn back voodoo and witchcraft now! Break all curses, spells, and evil doings, wash away all your troubles now!
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Graveyard Dirt

Graveyard Dirt is to be used to ward off all kinds of evil spirits that may be around you or your home. Do not feel as if there is nothing but pure bad luck brought on by pure evil. Sprinkle graveyard dirt around your home and watch as all evil just disappears and goes away!!!!
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