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100% Natural Palm Oil

Known as the single largest natural source of tocotrienol, which is part of the Vitamin E family. Palm oil is widely used in health and commercial cooking and is one of the most popular oils in cold and hot process soap making because it produces a big, fluffy lather.
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Use Palm oil to Rid your body of pains, aches as well as getting rid of evil that has been put on you. This oil is a very strong spiritual oil that it has multiple uses. It has a neutral scent and is safe to use on the body as well. 

 Palm Oil – Uses and Benefits
 Palm oil has been shown to reduce the body’s production of LDL or “bad” cholesterol, reverse arterial blockage, decrease the amount of cholesterol plaque in arteries, inhibit platelet aggregation and protect the mind from stroke-induced injuries. Palm oil’s tocotrienols have shown to inhibit breast cancer cells, while tocopherol has shown no effect (keep in mind – palm oil has been nearly completely lacking in western diets). Doctors and researchers from East Tennessee University found that one of the forms of tocotrienol (gamma) found in palm oil was potent in inhibiting prostate cancer cells.

As a natural skin care product, tocotrienols (vitamin E found in palm oil) help neutralize free radicals in the skin generated by ultraviolet rays, thus protect against UV related damage and skin aging.


-Pregnant women can rub into their skin. 
-Inhale aroma for mood/mental issues.
-As an ingredient in the soap making process, mix in during the melting process for hard soaps.
-As a moisturizer, rub directly into dry areas or mix small amounts into your current daily moisturizer.

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