These Candles have been specially prepared just for you - to "Fix" your bad condition. Candle Power lets you control and conquer all situations with Great Success.

"The Power of a Flaming Candle Knows No Bounds!" Burn a 50 hour candle to make your dreams and wishes come true!  Get what you deserve or want; conquer your problems and suffer no more! Use the Color Candle Chart to Choose the Right Candle Color for Your Situation or Condition. Candle Color Chart

To personalize your candle ever more, and make your request very specific-you should order a Dove's Blood Ink Pen (No. M1005 $3.98) and Parchment Paper (No. M1001A $1.00). With the pen, write down your specific desires or request on the Blessed Parchment Paper, and remember that "Faith Works Miracles!"

Fast Luck Powerful Fixed 50 Hour Candle

Bring luck to a hurry for any situation or problem. Turn your luck around fast!
$10.95 $7.98

Jinx Removing Powerful Fixed 50 Hour Candle

Kill and destroy all evil jinx and hexes or curses. Bust through any block and remove bad luck.
$10.95 $7.98

Love Potion Powerful Fixed 50 Hour Candle

Find, keep, or hold on to love. Make your love strong so your mate will desire you and you only!
$10.95 $7.98

Money Drawing Lucky Number Powerful 50 Hour Candle

Burn this candle to have money drawn to you from different sources. Don't let the burden of financial trouble keep you down, get that money fast!

Money Drawing Powerful Fixed 50 Hour Candle

Draws quick money to you from any source! Use this for hitting jackpots or any game of chance. Find fortunes and Quick cash now!

Protection Powerful Fixed 50 Hour Candle

Be protected against all evil, harm, and jealousy. Get rid of enemies and witchcraft!
$10.95 $7.98

Stop Evil Powerful Fixed 50 Hour Candle

Remove the evil inside and around you. Turn your bad luck and conquer with power.
$10.98 $7.98

Win Court Case/ Lawsuit Powerful 50 Hour Candle

If you're suing or being sued, this candle can help you win or have the judge rule in your favor - Disability, Housing, Child Support, Alimony, S.S.I - Or Any type of court case.
$15.00 $6.95

Black 50 Hour Glass Candle

The Black Candle is Used to; cast off evil, jinx removing, and to repel negativity. Burn this candle and Read Psalm 112 for maximum power.
From $4.98

Blue 50 Hour Glass Candle

The Blue Candle is Used to bring; peace in the home, protection, inspiration, luck in court, and innocence. Burn this candle and read Psalm 7 & 12 for maximum power.
From $4.98