These 7-Day Pull Out Candles will let you carve your conditions or intentions directly onto the wax, to make your problems or conditions get solved faster! 

All Purpose/Cleansing/Healing Pull-Out Candle

Use this All-Purpose Cleansing & Healing Pull-Out Candle Kit to cleanse you & remove all evil conditions. Stops Bad Luck. Improve your health, feel better & bring good to you, for any condition.
$30.00 $12.95

Love Me Only/Come to Me Pull-Out Candle

Use this Love me Only Come to Me Pull-Out Candle to make the person that you have been wanting love you only, and come to you only.
$30.00 $12.95

Money Drawing Pull-Out Candle

Use this Money Drawing Pull-Out Candle Kit to have money come to you from any source. Never be broke again! Carve onto the candle all your money wishes for them to come true!
$30.00 $12.95

Stop Evil Uncrossing Pull-Out Candle

Use this Stop Evil Uncrossing Pull-Out Candle to Stop all evil that may be in your life Remove all hexes, jinxes, voodoo and make the devil run, far away!
$30.00 $12.95