Candle Burning Magic

Colors and Their Meaning

The power of fire and candle burning is evident in all cultures across the globe; since the beginning of time fire has been used in rituals, ceremonies, and other sacred parts of life. Candle Burning plays important roles in many rituals, magic, spell castings, meditations, prayer and devotions. The energy created and taken is more than scientific; it is spiritual and metaphysical. From the burning bush that appeared to Moses to the simple wishes made from a birthday cake. It’s important to note that the power is yours to use, but use it wisely.

“When stuck in darkness, all we must depend on is the light and purity of the flame.”- Rev. Moses

Candle Color Chart

7 colors
Green, Red, Yellow, Blue, Pink, Purple, White

All Purpose-Money/Good Luck, Attraction/Sex, Success/Fast Luck, Health/Protection, Affection/Love, Power/High Conquering, Peace/Cleansing

Black Candle

Reverse Evil & Spells,  Sorrow,  Protection From Evil Spirits, To hex or curse,  Destroy Enemies,  Dark Thoughts,  Negativity Destroyer, Dume

Blue Candle

Health, Protection, Peace, Court Cases, Law, Kindness, Harmony, Joy,

Brown Candle

Find lost items, Finding Employment, Justice, To Help the Poor, Balance and Neutrality

Gold Candle

Hold onto Money, Fast  Luck, Success, Wealth, Prosperity, Jackpots, Control, Power

Gray Candle

Victory Over Evil, Gossip, Evil Spirits, Remove Ghosts, Bad or Nosy Neighbors

Green Candle

Money Drawing, Fast Luck, Wealth, Good Fortune and Prosperity, Business, Gambling

Orange Candle

Control, Change of Plans, Commanding, Road Opener, Prophetic Dreams, Clarity

Pink Candle

Affection, Love, Honor, Clean Living, Friendship

Purple Candle

High Conquering, Power, Mastery, Ambition, Wisdom and Psychic Strength

Red Candle

Energy, Sex, Passion, Magnetic Attraction, Love, Marriage

White Candle

Purity, Peace, Spiritual Health/Healing, Cleansing, Clarity, Truth, Rest, Relaxation

Yellow Candle

Success, Quick Action, Confidence, Prayer, Devotion, Happiness, Knowledge