Against Malevolent Energy (Evil) Curses Mystical Astral Candle

This spiritual candle was made with coco palm and astral amulets that absorb malevolent energy borne from ill feelings. Purge, Expel and remove negative evil spirits from yourself, your home or business.
SKU: C7706

This spiritual candle was made with coco palm wax and astral amulets that absorb malevolent energy borne from ill feelings like envy, gossip, grudges, and hatred. Especially for the spiritual purging of person, homes, or businesses. Gets rid of and kills jinx, and destroys confusion and everything and anything that can harm you, or cause you danger.  Turns back all bad luck and evil sent to you by your so-called friends or enemies. Super Charged and Super Scented to help you fight the most maleveolent of energies that are keeping you down! Beautifully scented multi-layered palm oil wax candle comes in a glass jar that measures 6 1/2" in height and 2 1/2" in width. It comes with easy to follow instructions in English and Spanish. Burns for approximately 3 Days, supplies are limited.

Remember always, where you find God, you will not find failure.

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