Agrimony Herb

Sprinkle a small handful in corners of rooms; in your purse, pocket or shoes - To Reverse and Break all spells and curses on you.

Sprinkle a small handful in the corners of rooms in your home to reverse & break all evil  spells and curses on you- whether friends, or enemies or people you don't even know. It is said to send back any evil to the sender. 

A powerful spell breaking herb to get you back to normal, again!

Buy one pack for $5.00 - 3 for $12.96. Other sizes available.

Agrimony Herb Single Packet
SKU: H0015
Agrimony Herb 1/4 lb Bag
SKU: H0015A
Agrimony Herb 1/2 lb Bag
SKU: H0015B
Agrimony Herb 1 lb Bag
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Agrimony Herb 3 For 12.96
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