All Protection Doll Magic

Protect you or your loved ones from all evil, harm, or jealousy. Stop all and any hexes, curses, or spells put on you. Stay protected with Doll Magic!

Rev. moses has created this special doll so you can control all problems and situations in your life. Conquer your worst and most difficult problems - love, job, money or family problems. Control and remove jinxes, hexes, curses and evil nosey people from your life. Get your life back on track and be in control once again! 

Each Doll Kit comes with Parchment Paper,  A Dove's Blood Ink Pen and 7 Pins.  Please Follow the Instructions inside. 
Get All Protection Doll Magic Kit for $11.95 each - buy 2 for $20.00.

All Protection Doll Magic 1 Doll
SKU: D3210
All Protection Doll Magic 2 Dolls For $20.00
SKU: D3210D