All Purpose Incense Cones

Will help you to conquer any issues or problems that you maybe facing, Brings you good luck in anything you desire while protecting you from all evils.

Burning the All Purpose Incense will help you to conquer any problem, situation or conditions that you may be facing, also known to bring good luck towards your way. Do not feel as if nothing can help the special condition you may have, and good luck will be surrounding you. Your blessings will start to shower down on you; it works great with deep meditation, strong faith and the power of prayer. 


All Purpose Incense Cones 1 Pack (20 incense cones)
SKU: D1601
All Purpose Incense Cones 1/2 lb Bag (aprox. 170 Incense Cones)
SKU: D1601B
All Purpose Incense Cones 3 Packs for 13.50 (20 Incense Cones)
SKU: D1601D