JULY SPECIAL: All Purpose/Luck In A Hurry Lucky Rabbit Foot Kit

Fast luck in a hurry for all and any situations! Finally have peace and happiness! Carry this with you at all times, especially when you need to concentrate or when playing any game of chance - you will succeed and win!
SKU: K5101

Fast luck in a hurry for all and any situations! Finally have peace and happiness! *Comes with 2 rabbit's Feet, One to carry and one to keep at home! 1 Lucky Rabbit Foot Kit for only $14.95 each!


Turn your Luck around with the Oldest Good Luck Charm - THE RABBIT'S FOOT!We believe that the powerful vibrations of the Rabbit foot will follow you always. You will get 2 Rabbit's feet!  One of them you will carry to keep the Luck of the Rabbit's Foot with you always, and the other one you will keep at home with certain Hand-Picked Roots, Super Charged Lodestones and Magnetic Sand inside Your personal storage bag!

PLUS, you will recieve a Special Blessed Anointing Oil to use on your bag and body. We feel that these supplies will reach out and give you Extra Fast Luck & Protection


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