An Encyclopedia of Occultism

The first book of its kind, dealing with the Occult. Everything you ever wanted to know of this subject and its subgenres is here. This is the number one selling book on the subject of Occultism.
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An Encyclopedia of Occultism by Lewis Spence is the book for information on the occult sciences, occult personalities, psychic science, demonology, spiritism and mysticism.  A delight for devotees of the weird and the strange, and a valuable resource for students of mythology and the evolution of scientific thought, this important volume is at home in the libraries of all book lovers. Scottish journalist and folklorist LEWIS SPENCE (1874 -1955) was a Fellow of the Royal Anthropological Institute of Great Britain and Ireland, and Vice-President of the Scottish Anthropological and Folklore Society. He published more than 40 works on mythology and the occult, including History of Atlantis, An Introduction to Mythology, and Myth and Ritual in Dance, Game and Rhyme. 456 Pages

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