Angel Birthstone Necklace-June-Agate

Agate is the stone for those born on June. This is the stone for those that want to be protected. This is the oldest stone in recorded history. Agate is a stone attracts strength and courage. It is also a stone that protects the wearer from bad dreams , stress and anything else that may cause energy draining.
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Angel Birthstone Necklace-May-Emerald

Emerald is the stone for those born on May. It's green color makes it a refreshingly stunning stone to look at, making it the perfect stone for those born during the birth of Spring.
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Power and Success Seal

The All-Seeing Eye of the Lord Conquers All and Brings Luck. Place underneath a red candle and anoint with success oil.
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Angel Birthstone Necklace-November-Citrine

Citrine is the stone for those born on November. It is a very rare stone and there is not history of its use before the first century B.C. It became a stone that was more widely used during what is called the romantic period. During this time the stone was used to to enhance gold jewelry because of its warm yellow color. It was also worn at times to rid of evil and snake venom. Giving someone a Citrine stone is a symbol of hope and strength.
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