Angel Birthstone Necklace-June-Agate

Agate is the stone for those born on June. This is the stone for those that want to be protected. This is the oldest stone in recorded history. Agate is a stone attracts strength and courage. It is also a stone that protects the wearer from bad dreams , stress and anything else that may cause energy draining.
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Angel Birthstone Necklace-May-Emerald

Emerald is the stone for those born on May. It's green color makes it a refreshingly stunning stone to look at, making it the perfect stone for those born during the birth of Spring.
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Angel Birthstone Necklace-March-Aquamarine

Aquamarine is the stone for those born in March. It is the stone of water. It is spiritually atuned to oceans and helps one become more aware of the nature of the sea. Aquamarine comes in very light blues that look like the sky or very dark, deep blues, as dark as the undiscovered depths of the ocean. Aquamarine's color variations associate the stone with courage, calmness and serenity.
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Black Power Bead Bracelet

Stop and reverse all evil and send it back where it came from, for good. Makes the devil run far, and fast! Also good for making enemies or any evil persons move away from you and stay away from you, forever!
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