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A Dictionary of Angels (including the Fallen Angels)

Gustav Davidson - This book is filled with the references to all angels, it includes fallen angels as well. Everything you ever wanted to know about angels is in this book. You will find the origin of the angel of your choice as well as the origin of the angels name. All this info and more is what is included in this very easy to follow angel book.
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Angelic Pathways

An Angel Medium's guide to navigating our human experience.

Heal Yourself with Angels

Heal Yourself with Angels by Patricia Prapps: Contact the angels who can heal your life and the world. Illuminate your spirit while bringing peace to your soul and calmness to your mind. Learn which angels to contact for specific problems, such as depression, anxiety, lack of confidence, and money problems. With the power of angel meditation, you can put your life on a new course. In Heal Yourself with Angels, author Patricia Papps shows how to work with the angels to create miracles and make your most cherished wishes come true. Learn how to connect with angel energy for protection, relationship issues and loneliness, removing negative blocks, combating evil, healing illness and disease, protecting the weak, sending love into the world, increasing creativity, and more.
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Praying with Angels

By: Richard Webster - Imagine a lifelong relationship with these celestial helpmates who can grant you rewards, enrichments, and peace that you've been searching for. Read and Learn how to contact angels through prayer.
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Angel Spells : The Enochican Occult Workbook of Charms, Seals, Talismans and Ciphers

Now it is possible to speak directly to an angel in their own language to requests, guidance, protections, love, financial reward, relief from anxiety and stress, a return to sobriety and release from alcoholism and drug addiction, and the angels will fulfill this requests and more.
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Spirit Guides and Angel Guardians

By: Richard Webster - Invisible helpers are available to all of us. They come to our aid when least expected, and they disappear as soon as their work is done. This book teaches you how to communicate freely with your guardian angels and spirit guides. You will see your spiritual and personal growth take a huge leap forward as soon as you welcome your angels and guides into your life.
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Using Candle Burning To Contact Your Personal Guardian Angel

The most important work ever written about angels and how to contact them! Contact Angels for special favors and magical insights. Learn about them and discover how they can help you. Improve your life with the help of the guardian angels - find out who is watching over protecting you.
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Communicating with the Archangel Gabriel for Inspiration and Reconciliation

By Richard Webster -Communicate with this Archangel The Holy Messenger of God for Inspiration, Reconciliation and Great Hope. A popular figure in religious works of art, the archangel Gabriel is most famous for the Annunciation: telling the Virgin Mary that she would give birth to the Messiah. God's messenger is also known as the Islamic angel of truth, the archangel of emotions and dreams, and the angel of hope and childbirth.
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Communicating with the Archangel Michael for Guidance and Protection

By: Richard Webster - Michael is considered the greatest angel in the Christian, Judaic, and Islamic traditions. Throughout the ages, he has appeared as a protector, a messenger, a guide, a warrior, and a healer. In Michael, Richard Webster presents a thorough history of this famous archangel and offers simple techniques for contacting him. Learn how to get in touch with the Prince of Light for courage, protection, strength, and spiritual guidance.
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Communicating with the Archangel Raphael for Healing & Creativity

By: Richard Webster - Raphael is guardian angel of all humanity, and is responsible for healing, wholeness and unity. He is involved with healing the body, mind and spirit, and can ease physical, emotional and mental pain. If you are sick, or a loved one is unwell, you should read this book to learn how to tap into the divine healing power of Raphael. If you are experiencing pain of any sort, be it emotional, mental, or physical, you should learn how to contact Raphael for healing. Raphael is involved in healing the earth and humanity as a whole. He is willing to help you resolve and problems relating to wholeness and unity, and will help you feel whole again after any disillusioning or shattering experience.
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