Angel Spells : The Enochican Occult Workbook of Charms, Seals, Talismans and Ciphers

Now it is possible to speak directly to an angel in their own language to requests, guidance, protections, love, financial reward, relief from anxiety and stress, a return to sobriety and release from alcoholism and drug addiction, and the angels will fulfill this requests and more.
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Speak to you angel in their own language and request the power of protection, love, financial support, help to combat a drug and alcohol problem, even get the help relieving anxiety and stress. Speaking to your angel will help you to fill these requests and more! 

For centuries, man has sough to reach out to God's servants and messangers in a real-world, palpable way that leaves no room for spiritual doubt. In the time of Queen Elizabeth I in England, world famous occultist Dr. John Dee and his Helpher, Edward Kelley, developed a system for contacting angels that came to be called "Enochican Magick." Dee's system has survived the centuries and been passed down to us. 

Angel Spells - The Enochican, Occult Workbook of charms, seals, talismans and ciphers, offers the reader a history lesson on Dee's method for contacting angels, including it's origins in the jewish and Christian mystical traditions. The book includes an exclusive interview with author Aaron Leitch, who still practices Dee's methods over 400 years later.

For those not quite ready to dive into the more complex aspects of Enochian magick, simpler - but just as effective - methods are taught here by psychic Maria D'Andrea, who privdes step-by-step instuctions to petition specific angels for help with any problem, large or small. As a bonus supplemnt, we have included Bishop Allen Greenfield's classic work, "Secret Cipher of the UFONAUTS" to assist in contacting angelic aliens in their own language and to aid in decoding what they have spoken to us!

This book has 238 pages worth of Angelic Magical Spells.


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