August Special: Jewelry

We have three powerful pieces of Lucky Jewelry that are here to help you. 

A necklace to help you find the truth in all matters and reveal hidden secrets: A bracelet to help give you that Lucky Hand when gambling or playing any numbers or casino games; and a Necklace to repel negative forces weighing you down, so you can feel good and healthy again, like you used to! 

Wear or Carry. Say your wish or prayer before using. Pray and Concentrate on your desires. Faith Moves Mountains!

Discover Hidden Secrets Necklace

Wear this to find out what others have been saying and doing to you.
$12.95 $5.99

Lucky Hand/Lucky Gamblers Leather & Bone Bracelet

Are you missing by one number all the time? The cards not coming your way? Are your dice un-lucky? Hit that Jackpot, soon and get on a Hot Winning Streak, now!
$12.95 $6.99

Good Health/Healing Necklace

Wear or carry this gold piece to ease your aches, pains, and suffering. Hold it & make your wish. Feel good again!
$12.95 $5.99