September Special: Ju-Ju Jars

If you can't burn candles -then use Ju Ju Jars!!! Open the Jar to release its energy, close when not in use. Comes with free blessed oil, parchment paper, and dove's blood ink pen.

High Conquering/Controlling Ju Ju Jar

Try our High Conquering/Controlling Ju Ju Jar to Conquer you problems with power and to have the control you desire! This Ju Ju Jar will help you master and control any situation or condition. Gain power over others and overcome any troubles!
From $12.69

Love Me/Come To Me Ju Ju Jar

Attract your lover closer for a stronger love when you use this powerful Love Me/Come To Me Ju Ju Jar or use it to attract a new love. Either way this Love Me and Come To Me Ju Ju Jar works for most love situations!
From $12.69

Jinx Removing/Uncrossing Ju Ju Jar

Remove jinx and uncross yourself with this powerful Jinx Removing/Uncrossing Ju Ju Jar so you can feel protected and blessed! Get rid of the jinx and uncross yourself from any unnatural evil forces.
From $12.69

Money Drawing/Lucky Gamblers Ju Ju Jar

Gain fast luck and change your financial situation! Have the wealth and luck to live an easier life!
From $12.69

Break-up/ Separation Ju Ju Jar

Try our Break-Up/Separation Ju Ju Jar to Break any two people up and have them be separated for good!
From $12.69

Stop Evil/Protection Ju Ju Jars

Be protected and cleansed from all evil conditions and unnatural events with this powerful Stop Evil/Protection Ju Ju Jars. Have peace of mind today! Stop evil in its tracks and stay protected from future evil attacks!
From $12.69

Reversible Ju Ju Jar

Have you been hexed or crossed up by your enemy? Use this powerful Ju Ju Jar to reverse your fate! Unblock yourself and send that negative energy right back to whoever put it on you!
From $12.69

Better Health/Healing Ju-Ju Jar

Use for Healing ALL CONDITIONS! Pray over this Ju Ju Jar to be blessed with good health and bring healing power to whoever may need it! Can be used to heal and bring good health to yourself, your family, or any loved one!