Bar Soap

Enjoy these High Quality Bar Soaps in your bath, shower or for every day cleaning use on your body and in your home.

These powerful spiritual soaps will help you get what you want- whether it's getting some good luck or turning back evil or solving any other spirtiual problem or sickness you may have. Be Blessed and Cleansed today!



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Rev. Moses XXX Fast Luck/Money Drawing Soap

Want to be lucky again? Want to draw money with ease? Wash daily with this delicious scented soap!
From $7.50

Clearance Triple Strength Soap

Wash with Clearance Soap daily to make evil and the devil run! This powerful soap clears you from all the evil and harm that plagues you. Stop it all in its tracks and have relief now! Uncross exsisting conditions and be free from the bocks that hold you down. 3 oz Bar
From $4.50

Come To Me Triple Strength Soap

This Come To Me Soap draws any person; friend or lover close to you. It works great for long distance relationships when you want him or her to come to you and stay with you. Use it to attract a "special" someone - have true love! 3 oz Bar
From $4.50

Dead Sea Mud (Mineral) Soap

Helps to alleviate aches, pains, sores and dry skin.
$12.95 $9.95

Deliverance Triple Strength Soap

Deliverance Soap draws and brings to you what you want and need. Wash with deliverance soap to attract the good things in life. Use it for money blessings, love intrests, jobs, and more! wash with deliverance soap for extra blessings in all things. 3 oz Bar
From $4.50

Dr. Bronner's Magic Peppermint Pure Castile Soap

Cleans your body of anything bad, evil or cross. Gets rid of any un-wanted feelings or negative forces inside you. Moves out the bad, so your mind, body & soul can be pure & happy.

Dragon's Blood Soap

Use daily to Destroy all evil, bad luck, curses, jinxes and witchcraft. Breaks all spells and makes the devil run. Mild cleaning soap with beautiful scent - but powerful!
From $6.00

Fast Luck Triple Strength Soap

Use this Fast Luck Soap to increase your luck in all things. Be lucky in all matters - win money in all games of chance, find true love, get a great paying job and more! Luck can be on your side - get it now, get it fast! Do not worry about bad luck anymore - this fast luck soap will help turn it all around! 3 oz.
From $4.50

Fast Money Blessing Triple Strength Soap

Use this Fast Money Blessing Bar of Soap to attract good luck and to and financial miracles! This fast money blessing soap will promote fast money and financial growth so that you can get out of debt and live an easier life! It has the luck and power of the lucky Cherokee Spirit for maximum pulling power!
From $4.50

Florida Water Soap

Florida Water Soap relaxes nerves and is a very good spiritual cleanser. Use Florida Water Soap like Holy Water for cleansing, good luck, and protection. It promotes a healthier body, mind, and soul! 3.35 oz Bar
From $4.50

Fortune Teller Triple Strength Soap

Fortune Teller Soap gives you lucky dreams, and power to know the truth. Wash with this Fortune Teller Soap often and you will develop psychic visions to see it all! Enhance your third eye and enhance your visionary gifts. Use this to get ahead and to know it all! 3 oz Bar
From $4.50

Gamblers Triple Strength Soap

Use this Gamblers Soap to hit that lucky winning number and WIN BIG! This soap is for gamblers only - works great in all games of chance! It's your turn to win! It is specially formulated to increase your odds in all games of chance! Wash away your losing streak and WIN! 3 oz
From $4.50

Garlic Triple Strength Soap

Wash with this Tripe Strength Garlic Soap to chase away evil that lurks in and around you. Evil hates the scent of Garlic and it repels them far away while bringing you good luck and prosperity. Clear your self and your surroundings from the evil that follows you. 3 oz Bar
From $4.50

Go Away Evil Triple Strength Soap

Use this Go Away Evil Soap to turn back all evil and send it back from where it came from. It gets rid of evil around or inside you. Stop evil from spirits, the dead, evil people, enemies, and the devil. Be protected from further attacks - suffer no more! 3 oz Bar
From $4.50

Grandpa's Pine Tar Soap (Small Bar)

Grandpa's Pine Tar Soap is one of the world's greatest all purpose soaps - since 1878! Use it to treat psoriasis, dandruff, eczema, dry, and itchy skin. Also use it to treat insect bites or poison ivy. Good for people with sensitive skin or allergies. A truly wonderful soap! (1.25 oz)
From $4.50