Enjoy these High Quality Bar Soaps in your bath, shower or for every day cleaning use on your body and in your home.

These powerful spiritual soaps will help you get what you want- whether it's getting some good luck or turning back evil or solving any other spirtiual problem or sickness you may have. Be Blessed and Cleansed today!

Invisible Soap

Evil will NOT be able to see you!
From $4.50

Jackpot Money Soap

Use this fresh scented Jackpot Money Soap daily so you can win at any casino game or other games of chance! It's your turn to HIT THE JACKPOT! Wash and Wish with this Lucky 3.3 oz Bar of soap. It draw riches to you fast, from any source - especially when gambling!
From $4.50

Jinx Removing Triple Strength Soap

This Jinx Removing Soap gets rid of all bad luck, hexes, and all jinxes! Use it to destroy all jinxes that have been put on you by your enemies. Do not let a jinx bring your down -beat it with this powerful jinx removing soap! Once the jinx is gone – you can move on with your life and prosper like you know you could! 3 oz Bar
From $4.50

Keep Away Enemies Triple Strength Soap

Remove your enemies from your life path with this powerful Keep Away Enemies Soap. Do not let them bring you down anymore - triumph over their evil ways and make them stay away for good! 3 oz Bar
From $4.50

Lotus and Violet Soap

Lotus and Violet Soap is used to Influence others - make them obey you and do as you say. This softens the hearts of others around you so that they are no longer stubborn and are more willing to open up their ears and minds to your ideas. 3.35 oz
$5.00 $2.49

Love Me - Patchouli Triple Strength Soap

This Love Me Soap contains a Powerful Patchouli oil inside that helps draw and keep your lover close. Make your special someone desire and love you as much as you desire and love them! Bring romance back into your life with this seductive Love Me - Patchouli Soap! 3 oz Bar
From $4.50

Powerful Indian Money Drawing Soap (2 PACK)

Use the Powerful Indian Money Drawing Soap in your bath or shower daily to draw money quick and to be lucky in money related issues! Attract the lucky Indian spirits and Win Big! EXTRA SPECIAL DEAL! 2 Soaps for the price of one! Bonus 2-pack! Each bar of soap is 3 oz.
$8.95 $7.98

Money House Blessing Triple Strength Soap

This Money House Blessing Soap showers you and your family or home with money miracles. Wash with this Money House Blessing Soap to help get out of financial distress and to draw a money miracle to you and your home! This soap is triple strength for emergency pulling power to get a fast financial blessing when you need it most! 3 oz Bar
From $4.50

Patchouli Soap

Patchouli Soap Draws your lover closer to you and makes them desire you so bad. They will ONLY want YOU! They won't be able to resist you - catch your "special someone" now! 3.35 oz Bar.
$8.00 $2.49

Pay Me Now Triple Strength Soap

Wash daily with this Pay Me Now Triple Strength Soap to increase your cash flow and to collect the money that is owed to you. Get a raise, job promotion, or win a large sum of money! Watch as money is drawn to you from many different financial sources, you will get paid NOW! 3 oz Bar.
From $4.50

Protection From Envy Triple Strength Soap

Wash and bathe with this Protection From Envy Soap to be safe from jealous people and gossipers. Do not let their negative thoughts and vibrations cross you up. Protect yourself and your family members from Envy and Jealousy with this Protection From Envy Soap 3 oz Bar
From $4.50

Protection From Harm Triple Strength Soap

Protect yourself with this powerful cleansing and Protection From Harm Soap. Be safe from all harm, evil, and danger. Be protected from car accidents, evil people, jinx, bad luck, no good strangers, or any other physical injuries or harm. 3 oz Bar
From $4.50

Quick Money Drawing Triple Strength Soap

This Quick Money Drawing Soap works like a magnet- it has powerful pulling forces that draw money to you quick! Pull money from any source fast! Get out of your financial rut and get rid of your money troubles! 3 oz Bar
From $4.50

Raw Shea Butter Soap

Get rid of the evil in your life, as well as help you maintain peace and tranquility in your spirit.
$15.00 $8.95

Reversible Triple Strength Soap

Turn and send back all evil when you wash with this Triple Strength Reversible Soap. Send all evil, evil thoughts, jinx, and negative vibrations back to where they came from! Be free from spells, jinx, and witchcraft now! Make those who made you suffer feel what you have felt - they will suffer like you have. 3 oz Bar
From $4.50

Road Opener Triple Strength Soap

Wash with this Road Opener Soap to Bust through any block holding or keeping you down. Use this soap to open the road to many possibilities! Suffer no more and finally be free from any block or closed roads. Open the road to money, love, freedom, success, and easy living! Live an easy life. 3 oz Bar
From $4.50

Rose Soap

With Rose Soap you can conquer and control all situations. It gives you a lot of power and control over people and difficult situations! Also cleanses your mind, body, and spirit. 3.35 oz Bar.
$8.00 $2.49

Rue Soap

Rue Soap Pulls Good Luck and Money Fast - so you get what you want! Works for quick money miracles and for chasing away bad luck! Use it for; Good Luck, Prosperity, Good Energy, Health, Positive Vibrations, Healing, Love and more! Rue is a natural powerful universal plant used for multiple purposes - with great results! 3.35 oz Bar.
From $4.50

Rueter Soap

Rueter soap returns evil that surrounds you. Uncrosses you and breaks any spell or curse that was put on you. 3.3 oz Bar
$8.00 $2.49

7 African Powers Triple Strength Soap

The Powerful 7 African Gods will help control any problem or person that is bringing your down. Use this soap and combine the powers of the 7 African Powers to conquer your toughest problems. Works for all situations. 3 oz Bar
From $4.50

Sandalwood Soap

Fight the devil and make him run with this powerful Sandalwood Soap. It gives you wealth and health and protection from all evil things. 3.35 oz Bar
$8.00 $2.49

Spell Breaker Triple Strength Soap

Spell Breaker Soap - Breaks any spells and kills any curse or jinx on you. Do not suffer anymore from the evil that was put on you by your enemies or evil spirits. Cleanse and remove all spells and move on with your life. Finally have peace of mind! 3 oz Bar
From $4.50

St. Barbara Triple Strength Soap

St. Barbara soap is good for protection and strength.
From $4.50

St. Clara Triple Strength Soap

St. Clara Soap is used to clear you from negativity and evil and is also used to find truth and clarity in any situation. Wash with this soap and call on St. Clara - she will help you when you call upon her. Get truth, answers, and see things clearly. Pray to St. Clara while washing with this triple strength St. Clara Soap. 3 oz Bar
From $4.50

St. Jude Triple Strength Soap

Use this St. Jude Soap in desperate or hopeless situations when all else fails. St. Jude assists those that call upon him when in desperate need of a miracle. Pray to St. Jude while using this soap. 3 oz Bar
From $4.50

St. Michael Triple Strength Soap

Use this powerful St. Michael Soap when calling upon St. Michael for help in battling demons and the devil. St. Michael can help defend and protect you from the evil that surrounds you. St. Michael put the devil in his place before so he can defeat him once again! Pray to St. Michael when using this soap. 3 oz Bar
From $4.50

Success Triple Strength Soap

Be lucky and successful in money, love, court, jobs, or school matters. You can have luck in all things you do with the help of this powerful Success Soap! 3 oz Bar
From $4.50

Sulphur Soap

Sulphur can be used to destroy and repel evil for good. Use Sulphur Soap to cleanse yourself from the evil and negativity that lurks in and around your body. Sulphur Soap is used to Destroy all Evil, Voodoo, and Witchcraft - works fast! Evil spirits can't stand the scent of Sulphur - chase it away for good! Kill your pain and sufferings. Be Safe and Protected! 3.3 oz Bar
From $4.50

Uncrossing Triple Strength Soap

Uncrossing Soap removes all crossed and hexed conditions. Be cleansed any free from the control of others. Do not be confused by any spells, jinx or curse. Get rid of it today! 3 oz Bar
From $4.50

White Sage Soap

Use daily to Reverse Bad Luck & Bad Health. Improve your Health, so you can feel good again. Wipe away illness & suffering. Cleanse and purify your body, mind & soul. Beautiful scent.
From $6.00