Bat Eye Necklace

Carry or Wear this Bat's Eye Charm to scare away all evil - return it to where it came from. This necklace will give you the strength and courage to deafeat any unwanted things! Gives protection too!

Carry or Wear this Bat's Eye Necklace to Drive away all evil and make the Devil run! Kills all Jinx on you and around you.

This Bat's Eye Charm will scare away all Evil, it will give you strength and courage to defeat any unwanted things around you. 

Gives protection too!!

This beautiful silver talisman comes with your spiritual lucky animal holding onto a beautiful Crystal "Eye" - A very powerful symbol to get what you want.

Bat Eye Necklace - One Necklace
SKU: J1751
Bat Eye Necklace 2 For $20.00
SKU: J1751D