Bat Head Roots - One Pair

Use as a stop evil pocket piece and use the other as a wishing root. Comes with a free red flannel bag.
SKU: H0085

Use The Bat Head Root as a stop evil pocket piece and use the other root as a wishing root. Pray over the items everytime you are ready to use The Bat Head Root and you can anoint with Stop Evil oil- No. X1512, for extra power! Comes with a Free red flannel bag. Rare & Powerful roots. Destroys everything evil!

All roots come with a FREE CARRYING BAG and INSTRUCTIONS.  These powerful natural roots help get rid of unnatural conditions.  Roots can be carried easily, so no one knows that they're working for you. It's your secret ONLY! Reverends, ministers and root workers swear by the power and effectivness of the extra strong old-time roots.

IMPORTANT! These Herbs and Roots are not to be taken internally. They are not sold as medicine. They are offered as curios only! DO NOT CONSUME!!

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