March Special: Blessed Baths and Salts

These powerful Baths and Salts will Cleanse you and your home and surroundings of all evil, bad luck and negative energy. Also, we have baths for fast luck, money drawing and help to hit that winning number/jackpot!




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Rev. Moses 7 Holy Spirit Hyssop Bath Oil

The Rev. Moses 7 Holy Spirit Hyssop Bath Oil has been especially formulated to bring the blessings and protection of Hyssop to yourself and your home. Sprinkle it within your ritual blessings to protect yourself from all evil.
$7.98 $4.99

Big John Money Drawing Dream Bath Oil

Big John Money Drawing Dream Bath Oil is a potent bath oil for those with urgent needs in luck and money. Pour half the bottle in your bath, say your money desire and you will come into some BIG MONEY!
From $3.99

Bring Back Luck Bath Oil

This Bring Back Luck bath oil is 2 colors and is used to remove evil or jinx and to draw good luck and money. It is super charged and blessed for extra power! Bring Back Luck Bath Oil can be used to restore and enhance your luck in all things including; love situations, financial matters, and all games of chance, too! Pour half the bottle in your bath for extra power.
From $3.99

La Bomba All Purpose Cleaner

La Bomba is an All Purpose Cleaner that fights nasty and evil odors! Use it in your home, car, workplace, or anywhere else the evil is hiding. While destroying evil and nasty scents this cleaner will help draw fast luck to you as well! It can clean ANYTHING - it is an ALL PURPOSE CLEANER. Use it everywhere!
$8.95 $5.99

Rev. Moses Spiritual Cleansing Bath

Use Rev. Moses Spiritual Bath Liquid to remove the evil and bad odors from your body. Use Rev. Moses Spiritual Bath Liquid and remove all evil and its nasty odors for good and feel good again! This also cleanses you from all crossed and jinxed conditions.
$19.95 $9.99

Rev. Moses Spiritual Cleansing/Uncrossing Bath & Soak

It is a Great Idea to Use this Product Before Using any Other Products - You Must Uncross Yourself First In Order For The Other Products to Work Properly! Use this cleansing bath and body soak to remove the evil and crossed conditions that you suffer from. It keeps away enemies and gets the devil out of you. Blessed by Rev. Moses for extra strength!
$11.95 $7.99

Stop Evil Sprinkling Salt

Stop evil from entering your home and chase it away for Good! Stop evil neighbors and so-called friends from doing you harm, stop the devil and his followers. Keep unwanted people or nosey neighbors off your property. Have peace of mind when you use this Stop Evil Sprinkling Salt - House and Yard Dressing!
From $3.99