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Become a SUPER-BEING! Easy Spells for Money, Luck and Love

Create your Reality, make your wishes come true and become a super-being!
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Become a Super-Being! Easy Spells for Money, Luck and Love. Get Ready to change your life through the occult means! Dozens of spells, rituals and strategies that will give you the mental and psychic power of a SUPER-BEING! 

Become a Super-Being! Easy Spells for Money, Luck and Love by Dragonstar - Get ready for a big change in your life through the occult means!

Here are dozens and dozens of spells and rituals that will bestow upon you the mental and psychic power of a SUPER-BEING!
 Are you trouble? Worried? Anxious! Can't sleep?  Have you come to th realization that there is a lot more to life than you are currently experiencing? Do you see other people living in what appears to be the lap of luxury while you can hardly cope with "simple," everyday situations? Do you feel you have been "blocked" by outside forces content to see you shuffle through each day at a snail's pace without anywhere to turn?

 Dragonstar knows how to direct the "cosmic winds." He is th head of an occult lodge that dates back to the time of Atlantis. he is considered by many who have studied with him to be a master alchemist and metaphysician who is on a high spiritual path. And he is wiling to share his knowledge with a trusted few.

This Book contains secret occult stategies enabling you to become all you were meant to be!

Unlike most sages who speak of lofty ideals, Dragonstar here offers principles that can put you into the "driver's seat" and improve your life in matters of money, romance and personal growth. Using a varierty of occult tools, you will be able in no time to perfom these - as well as dozens of others - easy to learn spells and rituals to:

- Become Highly Successful in Business
- Promote Clairvoyance, Inspiration, Astral Energy and Intuition
- Rid the Physical Body of Emotional Pain and Suffering and Enjoy Good Health
- Win in All Legal Matters
- Encourage Love, Affection and Romance
- Increase your Income
- Improve Sexual Performance
- Ride yourself of Unwanted Relationships

Remember, as you Weave and Sping your spell, threefold Return the tale will tell.

170 Pages of Occult Mysticism

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