Benzoin of Siam Incense Resin

Burn Benzoin of Siam Incense Resin to calm and relax yourself after a long or stressful day.

Benzoin of Siam resin has a sweet, vanilla-like, woody fragrance. It is known to be energizing, uplifing and stimulating. It porduces more smoke than many other resins, so a little goes a long way! This resin is calming, relaxing and soothing. It is excellent for evening and nighttime burning, and is especially good to burn during a long day or stressful day.

Our blends have very powerful scents that are highly spiritual in nature. Simply say your wish before burning a small spoonful in your house at a quiet time. Make sure to choose the right incense for your condition. Place your incense in a burner and light a small piece of charcoal before adding resin. (see Incense Burning Supplies). Do not leave incense burning unattended. Keep out of reach of children.

All Incense Resins Need Charcoal and a Burner to burn propeperly. 

Medium Charcoal - M1020 - $2.50each  
Small Charcoal - M1028 - $2.25each     
Large Charcoal - M1029 - $3.00each    

2 inch Brass Incense Burner - M1042 - $5.95each

Benzoin of Siam Incense Resin 1 Pack
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