Bewitched Mr. Voodoo Doll

Fulfilling your deepest or most secret desires. Secret pocket behind heart for concealing wishes. Filled head to toe with lots of fragrant mojo herbs, rice and little stuffing. All Mr. Voodoo Dolls are unique! No 2 colors are the same!
SKU: D5521

This 16" doll is used to fulfill your deepest or most secret desires. All dolls are unique and hand picked. No 2 colors are alike. Rest assured that  God will bless you. Keep the faith, as faith moves mountains. Do not lose heart. Be blessed, always. The positive power of Mr. Voodoo Doll will help banish all negative energy, so health, wealth, peace and prosperity flow towards you.

Prayer for the secret desires of my heart:

May the secret desires of my heart bring me true lasting love and the power of the faith and friendship. 

May they keep loved ones close to me that they may open their hearts to receive me. 

Prayer for the secrets desires of my mind:

May the secret desires of my mind bring me peace and everlasting glory in this world and the world to come. 

May my faith and happiness be multiplied by the inspired spirit of the thoughts of my mind. May my mind with the help of the power that work in such ways as to bring me money and luck in gaining of the good things of life.

Prayers for the secret desires of my body:

May the secret desires of my body be all powerful in giving me the attraction strength and health. May the beauty of thedivinely created body have lasting power and compelling influnce over my loved one. May my body be sweet in the desires of all who touch me.

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