These Dolls are One-of-a-Kind, not found anywhere else in the world.

They will not harm you. They will work well for you. They are powerful and made with GOOD Vibrations and Intentions, So that you get the Results you want and need!


Bewitched Voodoo Doll from New Orleans: Good Health/Vigor

This Maximum Strength Large 12 inch Doll is to Be Healthy and Strong all over your body. Have sexual energy and stamina. No More Weakness, Suffering, Aches or Pains! Get rid of sexual problems you be having, be irresistible to your lover.
$45.00 $34.95

Black Destroyer Witching Hour Doll

Destroys Everything! Destroys Anything Evil, The Devil, Enemies, Hoodoo, Witchcraft - Anything you need to see move or go away! This Maximum Power Triple Strength Doll Busts thru all blocks, Breaks all spells, & Opens Roads to Wealth, Health, Prosperity, an Easy Life and Lucky Days to Come!
$150.00 $64.95

Fairy Dust Doll

These powerful little dolls (6' tall) are filled with fairy (Angel) attraction herbs and flowers - so you will Be Attracting Good Vibrations & Spirits and Turning Back all negative forces & spirits. These dolls will be acting as your personal guardian angel, so you can live a life without fear or suffering and be protected always. They are also very good at enchanting the person who you desire. Instructions Included.

Love Holiday Wishing "Cookie" Ornament

This Spiritual Christmas ornament is meant for bringing love into your life, throughout the holiday season.
$15.00 $12.95

Money Holiday Wishing "Cookie" Ornament

This spiritual ornament is meant to be used for bringing money into your life.
$15.00 $12.95

Health/Healing Holiday Wishing "Cookie" Ornament

This spiritual ornament is meant for good health and healing.
$15.00 $12.95

Peace/Protection Holiday Wishing "Cookie" Ornament

This spiritual ornament is meant to provide you and your household with peace and protection.
$15.00 $12.95

Mini Bewitched VooDoo Doll From New Orleans: Day of the Dead

The Day of the Dead or Día de Muertos doll is intended to be used to remember and honor loves ones.
$24.95 $14.95