Black Cat Bone Bracelet

Draws Money to you quickly and helps you hold on to it. Also, a powerful good luck charm when trying to win at any Casino or gambling game. The power of the Black Cat is also known to Drive Away and Cast off Evil.
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Draws Money to you quickly, and helps you hold onto it. Also, a Powerful Good Luck charm when trying to Win at any Casino or Gambling game, ot the Lottery. The Power of the Black Cat is also known to Drive away and Cast Off any Evil and bad luck.

Stop!...Jinxes, witchcraft, evil spells, curses, voodoo, hoodoo, satan and evil  Trap The Devil!!

2 in 1 Pulls Luck in a Hurry & Drives Away Evil

People have sworn for years and years the the Power of the Black Cat Bone really bings Fast Luck!!

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Black Cat Bone is great to use for fast luck and gambling at the casino or while you play any game of chance. It is known that The Black Cat Bone is also great for Driving Away Evil from your home and stopping Bad Luck from taking over your life!

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Use parchment paper to write down your desires or wishes or even the name(s) of person(s) you are working on (including yourself). Then place the parchment paper underneath a burning candle or in mojo bags and ju ju jars. Parchment Paper works to help your desires and wishes come true faster! 3"x 4" (4 per package)