Black Hen Spiritual Wash/Gallina Negra Despojo Espiritual

Black Hen will help you to cleanse yourself to have what you requested come to pass.
SKU: A9053

Black Hen will help you to cleanse yourself to have what you requested come to pass.  All spiritual process in which you would like to have a request granted, the energy field that surrounds you must be clean, which will channel your requests better thus giving you greater results. Comes with easy to follow instructions in Spanish and English. Black Hen has been proven to help rid people of all of their jinxes, hexes, curses, bad luck and gossiping people! Use this spiritual wash to cleanse your life of all malevolent curses, hexes, jinxes, bad luck and gossip. This wash includes easy to follow instructions on when and how to cleanse youre self with the products included with this wash. Be free of all bad luck, hexes, jinxes and gossip when you have used Black Hen Wash properly.

This wash includes a 16oz Wash and 10 Black Incense Sticks

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