Black Hen/Black Destroyer Perfume

This perfume destroys all evil in or around you, so you will be protected against all bad luck and your enemies, according to the legend of the black hen and black unicorn.
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This special, blessed perfume/cologne is made to destroy all evil, jinx, hex or curse that's on you or near you. You will be protected agains all bad luck and from your enemies, legend says. This liquid is a supreme destroyer of anything bad--voodoo, witchcraft, spells- that has been placed on you now, or over past years. For Women AND Men: Wear as a perfume or cologne daily and you can pour 3 capfuls in the bath tub, every time bathe. Say and repeat your wish and desire 3 times, before using this powerful liquid mixture. You will be protected against all evil, harm, danger or jealousy- from Anyone! 4oz. Bottle; comes Boxed.

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