Black Stallion

Boost your stamina and enjoy your sex life again!
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1)Supports male performance
2)Fosters youthful libido and energy
3)Promotes healthy potency
4)Lets you enjoy your sex life again!

Our exclusive Black Stallion  supplement gives you six herb extracts, a key amino acid, plus saw palmetto, in a convenient tablet. You'll experience newfound desire, energy, and drive. It's the natural answer for men of any age.

Delivers Eight Nutrients in Every Dose, Including...

Guarana Extract - Supports stamina and blood flow. Standardized for 22% alkaloids as caffeine.
Maca Extract - This plant from Peru produces a root used for centuries to help achieve greater sexual satisfaction. Standardized for .6% macamides and macaenes.
Saw Palmetto - Supports overall prostate health for sexual health.
Yohimbe Extract - Used for centuries for male performance, yohimbe works with your system to support sexual performance, desire and satisfaction. Standardized for 8% yohimbines.
Oat Straw Extract 10:1 potency - Helps combat physical and emotional fatigue. The Oat Straw used in Black Stallion is an extract form.
Taurine - This stress-busting amino acid contributes to concentration, energy, and potency.
Tribulus Terrestis Extract - Supports a healthy libido. Standardized for 40% total saponins.
Eleuthero Extract - This stamina-building extract fosters performance and endurance. Standardized for 0.8% eleutherosides.
Enhances Sexual Health at Any Age
Whether it's stress, lack of energy or diminished desire, you may not be enjoying as much "quality" sex as you'd like. That's where Black Stallion can help. And, the  only way to know how well Black Stallion will work for you is to try it for yourself. You...and your partner...may be thanking us in the morning!

Should not be taken if sensitive to caffeine.

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