Use the POWER OF OILS to anoint your body; to dress your candles, seals and charms; to bless your altar or anything in your home, to put in your bath water; to purify and cleanse any room in your house; to send back any evil; and many other purposes.
There are over 2,000 oils that they cannot all be listed. If you want to order an oil NOT listed, we can specially make it for $7.98 for a 1/2 oz Bottle of oil of your desire. You can use these oils on your PULSE AREAS - Wrist, Neck, Heart, Ankles and behind the knees, anoint these areas of your body for MAXIMUM RESULTS!!!

Lucky Lottery Oil

Hit that winning number and finally WIN BIG! Never miss by one number again!
From $6.65

Marriage Oil

Get someone to marry you soon!
From $6.65

Master Oil

Chase away evil, attract money, and master all!
From $6.65

Money Drawing Oil

Pulls and draws money anyway and QUICK!
From $6.65

Peaceful Home

Brings peace and blessing to your home. Stop the fighting and arguing now!
From $6.65

Protection From Enemies Oil

Stop those who are trying to hurt you or your loved ones! Stop them fast!
From $6.65

Protection Oil

Be safe from evil, harm, jealousy, or curses.
From $6.65

Pure Rosemary Oil

Stop any aches, pain, and suffering
From $9.95

Rev. Moses Blessed Oil

Draws money, stops confusion, and evil
From $6.65

Reversible Oil

Turn back any evil spells or hexes on you
From $6.65