March Spotlight: Blessed Sprays

Try these powerful deodorant room sprays to get what you want. These sweet smelling sprays will create a peaceful, spiritual atmosphere so you can get results fast! All sprays come with directions. Spray in your selected area, make your wish and concentrate on what you want - and Get It! Use daily for maximum results! 

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"Black Cat" Fast Luck Spray

Contains the finest blend of the most popular aromatics to give you a powerful, delightful fragrance.
$10.00 $8.95

"Black Cat" Money Drawing Spray

Draw money real quick! This spray unblocks your money and loosens it up, so you can get out of debt and finally have the things you want!
$12.00 $8.95

7 Knots Unbinding Spray

Feel the burden of bad luck poisoning your life? Tired of never getting that job you need or hitting that number worth millions? Break free of the curse of jinx, bad luck, hex and evil spells that your are under. Uncross yourself now, with 7 Knots Unbinding spray.
$9.98 $8.95

Break-Up Spray

Split up any two people and separate them for good. Breaks-up any kind of relationship. Break-up any two people so they never see each other again. Break-up and destroy any relationships that are causing you pain and suffering. Get that man or woman that was meant for you! 14.4 oz Spray Can.

Come to Me Spray

The Come to Me Spray has a nice sweet smell that will drive your lover or special someone crazy! Spray to Draw and make your lover come to you, and stay close. 14.4 oz
$10.50 $9.95

Jinx Removing/Uncrossing

Wondering why so much bad luck has come your way? Not sure why things are just not going your way? Use this Jinx Removing/Uncrossing Spray to get rid of that hex someone may have secretly put on you and suffer no more from that secret jinx!

Rue Spray

Spray the beautiful scent of Rue in your home and receive the financial help you deserve! Never be under the hand of debt again, be free of all financial difficulties when Rue spray is used.

Triple Luck Bayberry Spray

Spray anywhere to get good luck in a hurry! Brings luck to your home and money to your pocket!
$12.00 $8.95