These All-Purpose can be of great spiritual help to you - in your time of need. Lean on the Power of Prayer for ANY situation, problems, or condition. There is a beautiful religious image on the front of the card an a holy prayer on the back.
Keep in your wallet, pocket, purse, home or car - so you Higher Power can be with you at all times. Prayer cards are a great gift for friends and family, as well as a wonderful keepsake for yourself.
For All Purposes $2.00 each or 3 for $4.98

Please Note That Images May Vary from what is Pictured. Thank you for your understanding.

CLEARANCE: Guardian Angel for Little Girl Blessed Prayer Card

Protects and guides young girls.
$10.00 $0.99

CLEARANCE: Guardian Angel Prayer Card

Protects & guides adults.
$2.00 $0.99

CLEARANCE: Hail Mary Blessed Prayer Card

Blessed Mary pray for us.
$2.00 $0.99

CLEARANCE: Holy Trinity Blessed Prayer Card

Strength, Power & Protection.
$10.00 $0.99

CLEARANCE: Infant Jesus / Confidence Blessed Prayer Card

Ask & you shall receive.
$2.00 $0.99

CLEARANCE: Jesus Christ the King Blessed Prayer Card

Praise to our Lord, Jesus Christ.
$2.00 $0.99

CLEARANCE: Marriage Prayer Blessed Prayer Card

Two Hearts as one...nothing can divide us.

CLEARANCE: Obtain Favors Blessed Prayer Card

Hear my Prayers & Grant me my wishes, Lord.

CLEARANCE: Our Lady of Fatima Blessed Prayer Card

Grant Me Good Fortune & Treasures.
$2.00 $0.99

CLEARANCE: Sick & Poor Blessed Prayer Card

Helps the sick, aching & poor.
$2.00 $0.99

CLEARANCE: Student's Blessed Prayer Card

Excel on any tests or exams - help my memory, to be successful.

CLEARANCE: The Beatitudes Blessed Prayer Card

Blessed are the poor and meek...
$2.00 $0.99

CLEARANCE: The Ten Commandments Blessed Prayer Card

Lord's powerful words to live by.

Footprint in the Sand Blessed Prayer Card

The herd carries you in troubled times.
From $1.66

Holy Spirit Blessed Prayer Card

Glory to the Father, Son & Holy Spirit.
From $1.66

Let Go & Let God Blessed Prayer Card

Let God heal & help you.
From $1.66

Lord Help Me Blessed Prayer Card

Let the Lord help save you.
From $1.66

Lord's Prayer Blessed Prayer Card

Our Father...deliver us from evil.
From $1.66

Most Powerful Helping Hand Blessed Prayer Card

Power, Strength & Wisdom to Overcome all suffering.
From $1.66

Parents Blessed Prayer Card

The Lord helps & loves all parents.
$2.00 $1.50

Peace in the Family Blessed Prayer Card

Prince of Peace brings harmony & happiness - not discord.
From $1.66

Prayer for Economic Hardship Blessed Prayer Card

Helps draw money to you to support you & family.
From $1.66

Prayer for Employment Blessed Prayer Card

Lord help me find a good paying job.
From $1.66

Prayer for the Addicted Blessed Prayer Card

Helps destroy all addictions to alcohol & drugs.
From $1.66

Prayer for those Growing Old Blessed Prayer Card

The Lord helps the aged with all health problems.
From $1.66

Twenty-Third Psalm Blessed Prayer Card

The Lord is my shepherd, Good will follow me.
From $1.66

CLEARANCE: St. John Prayer Card

John, the apostle and evangelist, a virgin chose by the Lord, was loved by the Lord above the others. While dying the cross, Christ entrusted His virgin mother to John.