Blue Pyramid Wishing Candle (Jasmine)

Burn to protect you against all evil and harm and to Un-cross you from any spells, curses or jinx. Overcome all obstacles. Conquer all problems!
SKU: C3151

Burn this 3 inch Pyramid Candle - a source and symbol of Supreme Power and Strength: to Conquer and Control all problems and Un-block all obstacles in your way on your path to prosperity, good fortune and success. Gain victory over all evil and all your enemies- seen and unseen- dead or alive- family or non-family- friends or "so-called friends".

Be Protected from all danger, wrath and necessity- Suffer no more. Uncross yourself from all evil, curse, hex, jinx, or spells. May no evil spirit harm you or enter your body. This little 3 inch candle is a helpful destroyer of all that is bad. Burn 3 at one time for Extra Power. 

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