Break Up Candle (Heart Shaped Base)

Burn this powerful candle to break-up any two people, so that they stay apart and are never together. Black Candle.
SKU: C1064

Burn this black candle to break up and separate any two people who should not be together. Please, Lord, keep them away from each other. Break up this relationship, as it has caused harm and grief, and continues to do so. Please grant my wish, O Lord.

Burn this candle for at least 10 minutes a day. Say your wish or prayer before lighting at a quiet time. You may also write your request using Parchment Paper and a Dove's Blood Ink pen to give your request, extra power- by placing the paper underneath the candle while it is burning. On the last day, let the candle completely burn out. Then you may throw away the candle and paper.

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