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Break Up/Go Away Doll Magic

Break up any two people who you believe don't belong together. Make them stay away from each other for good! Make the "other" person go away!

We have seen this doll used with great success here in Chicago. Now it's your turn to see results. If you want tos ee two people broken up quick then you need to try this kit. You can break0up any type of relationship you desire to separate any two people (A man and a woman, two women or two men) or a group of people. Try this today so you finally get the happiness in life you so deserve. 

Each Doll Kit comes with Parchment Paper,  A Dove's Blood Ink Pen and 7 Pins.  Please Follow the Instructions inside. 
Get a Break-Up Doll Magic Kit for 
$11.95 each - buy 2 for $20.00.

Break Up/Go Away Doll Magic 1 Doll
SKU: D3213
Break Up/Go Away Doll Magic 2 Dolls For $20.00
SKU: D3213D