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Cast Off Evil Necklace

With this Amulet you will feel evil spirits leave your body. Don't be jinxed, hexed, or crossed anymore!
SKU: J1711

With this Amulet evil spirits will leave your life physically and spiritually. Don't be jinxed, hexed, or crossed anymore! Wearing this necklace will kill all voodoo, hate, evil, jinx, hexes and curses that enemies may try to put on you! Be free of all Evilness, now! 

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Monkey Paw Bubble Bath/Liquid Soap

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Reversible Triple Strength Soap

Turn and send back all evil when you wash with this Triple Strength Reversible Soap. Send all evil, evil thoughts, jinx, and negative vibrations back to where they came from! Be free from spells, jinx, and witchcraft now! Make those who made you suffer feel what you have felt - they will suffer like you have. 3 oz Bar
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