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The 23rd Psalm

Stained glass plaque 6 inch wide and 4 1/2 inches high. This beautiful piece of religious artwork adds warmth and peace to any home. One side has the words to the 23rd Psalm and the other side has praying hands. Have this in your home so you and your family are truely blessed.
$12.95 $4.99

Stud 100 - Male Genital Desensitizer Spray

Helps in case of over-rapid or premature ejaculation. Pre-measured metered pump spray for topical application. Helps to Delay Ejaculation
$25.00 $12.99

CLEARANCE: St. Jude Devotional Air Freshener (Musk Scent)

Brings speedy help, financial blessings, if your condition is difficult.
$2.95 $1.39

CLEARANCE: How To Conduct A Candle Light Service

Complete intructions on how to conduct a candle light service in your home or church.
$10.00 $1.39

CLEARANCE: Imitation of Christ

By Thomas A Kempis - A powerful guide on how to live a christian life-following the path of Jesus-against all evil.
$8.00 $1.39

The Three Witches or Combination Dream Dictionary

A complete list of dreams and coresponding lucky numbers. Old and reliable!
$7.00 $1.99

Happy Love & Friendship (Man)

This charm is worn or carried to promote peace, love, and harmony in your environment. It will bring friends and family closer to you and create stronger bonds between loved ones. Open up your heart to those who really care and stay protected against real enemies who do not have your best interest at heart. Wear this to be surrounded by those who truly matter.

Protection (Eolh)

This is the rune charm for protection. It will promote victory over evil and difficult challenges. Be strong and take control over emotions - do not let anything bring you down. This charm will act like a shield and defend you against, evil, enemies, and physical harm. It will also provide you with extra courage and strength in difficult or scary situations.
$25.95 $7.99

Protection on Journeys (Rad)

Wear or carry this charm to protect yourself when you are on a physical or spiritual journey. It will keep away road blocks, interruptions, and danger. Use it when traveling long distances or on spiritual quests. It will keep you on the right path and guide you while reaching your final destination. Protects you wherever you go – whether by car, plane, train, or boat!
$25.95 $7.99

Blood Sugar Support Capsules

Helps to maintain a normal lever of sugar in the blood.
$25.00 $10.99

CLEARANCE: Acai Dieters Cleanse Capsules

This is a great supplement to take when starting a diet, it will make your body go!
$30.00 $13.99

Colon Complex Capsules

Get a deep colon cleanse when this supplement is used.
$25.00 $9.99

Drug Free Capsules

Helps to detoxify your body of all drugs in your system.
$25.00 $13.99

Gray Away Capsules

Keep your hair looking young and full of color!
$25.00 $11.99

Water Away Capsules

Helps to rid the body of excess water, which helps with relieving bloating.
$25.00 $8.99

CLEARANCE: 2nd Pentacle of Jupiter

Acheive glory, honor, dignity, and riches to live a better life. GOLD
$19.98 $5.99

CLEARANCE: 2nd Pentacle Of Mars

Acheive great success and health. SILVER
$19.98 $4.99

CLEARANCE: 2nd Pentacle Of Mars

Acheive great success and health. GOLD
$19.98 $5.99

CLEARANCE: 2nd Pentacle Of Venus

Get everything you need and want from your loved one. SILVER
$19.98 $4.99

CLEARANCE: 4th Pentacle Of Mercury

Gives knowledge and understanding of secrets and hidden things. GOLD
$19.98 $5.99

CLEARANCE: 4th Pentacle Of The Moon

Defends and protects you from all evil and injuries. GOLD
$19.98 $5.99

CLEARANCE: Spice Tea Blend

Nerve Relaxing (36 Tea Bags) This mix of herbal teas will help sooth and relax your senses and relieve your stress, So you can relax and have peace of mind and stop suffering.

Gold - Lucky Dice Power Bead Necklace

Brings Health, Wealth and Happiness. Also good for Fast Success in school or job or luck in business.
$15.00 $1.99

Green - Lucky Dice Power Bead Necklaces

Fast Money Drawings, Helps Hit Jackpots at any Gambling Game. Pulls Money quick, any old way.
$15.00 $1.99

Purple - Lucky Dice Power Bead Necklaces

Conquer any situation or problem with Power. Control others and make them do as you say.
$15.00 $1.99

Red - Lucky Dice Power Bead Necklace

Draw your boyfriend, husband, wife or lover close to you, so they desire you only and don't run around. Make love/sex bond strong!
$15.00 $1.99

Adam & Eve Incense

Keeps love close and strong. Make you realtionship better and keep your lover happy.
$19.98 $9.99

Black Cat Incense

Brings hot streaks, winnings and jackpots when gambling. Kills jinxes too!
$19.98 $9.99

Come To Me Incense

Draw and keep the one you desire. Burn this and attract that special someone, make him or her notice you!
$19.98 $9.99

Compelling Incense

Be irresistible to anyone and influence others. Make them do as you say, they will listen to every word you speak!
$19.98 $9.99