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CLEARANCE: Pinion Sage Smudge Stick

Smudging is to purify with smoke from certain sacred herbs.
$25.00 $8.99

CLEARANCE: All Natural Healing (Alum) Stones

This natural Deodorant Stone absorbs bad smells and body odors and gets rid of them and it is all-natural - no chemicals to harm your body. It is known for its healing and soothing properties - it instantly calms the skin down so you feel better. Good to apply to scratches or cuts on your face and skin. It is non-sticky, non-toxic and has a lasting effect throughout the day.
$10.00 $3.99

CLEARANCE: Celestial Incense Stick and Cone Holder

Celestial Incense Stick and Cone Holder. Wood. Burn your incense sticks and incense cones in style! Approximately 2.5" Diameter.
$6.00 $2.49

CLEARANCE: Heart in Hands Pendant Necklace

Wear this to conquer any love problems or situations.
$30.00 $7.99

CLEARANCE: Beaded Mirror Incense Stick and Cone Holder

Colorful Mirror & Bead Incense Stick & Cone Holder. Use this stylish incense burning tool for your incense burning needs! Approximately 1.25" Diameter.
$6.95 $1.99

CLEARANCE: Clear Mustard Seed Necklace

"If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed, then nothing shall be impossible unto you" Believe in the Power that Mustard Seeds can Bring! Conquer problems with this necklace and rejoice in peace. Faith Works Miracles!
$15.95 $9.99

CLEARANCE: High John the Conqueror Crown of Success Necklace

Wear this Powerful necklace for Extra Power.
$12.95 $6.99

CLEARANCE: Pink Heart Shaped Mustard Seed Silver Necklace

Wear this Genuine Mustard Seed Necklace to have Faith in God and make all things Possible for you!
$14.95 $9.99

CLEARANCE: Buddha Charm Bracelet

Enlightenment, Meditation & Fulfillment will become yours when you wear this specially made bracelet.
$12.95 $5.99

CLEARANCE: Horseshoe Charm Bracelet

Safety, Luck & Protection will be yours when this specially made bracelet is worn by you.
$12.95 $5.99

CLEARANCE: Love (Emerald) Necklace

"I believe in the power of loving all things"
$12.95 $5.99

CLEARANCE: Lucky Buck-Eye Necklace

Bring Luck in a HURRY! Some people wrap a $5 dollar bill around it and carry it to bring money. This powerful Root is believed to have healing properties when rubbed on the skin- to ease aches and pains. Comes with a Lucky Green Neck Rope and Lucky Buck-Eye oil to keep your buckeye shiny and supercharged. You can carry or wear!
$15.00 $9.95

CLEARANCE: 3" x 9" White Pillar Candle

Pillar Candle White Unscented 3"x9" Hand Poured 3"x9" Unscented Pillar Candles. This is a classic, smooth sided, hand poured pillar candle.
$16.95 $9.99

CLEARANCE: Lourdes Rosary - Boxed

This beautifully boxed rosary is imported from Lourdes, France to help you heal if you are sick and aching. Lift your spirits and strengthen your faith in Our Lord. This rosary will help purify and cleanse your body and soul so that you may feel the presence and goodness of God.
$24.95 $19.95

CLEARANCE: Happy Love & Friendship (Man)

This charm is worn or carried to promote peace, love, and harmony in your environment. It will bring friends and family closer to you and create stronger bonds between loved ones. Open up your heart to those who really care and stay protected against real enemies who do not have your best interest at heart. Wear this to be surrounded by those who truly matter.
$14.95 $7.99