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Three Wisemen Jinx Removing Magic Squares

Burn to banish the jinxes and bad luck from your life!
$7.98 $1.79

Three Wisemen Jinx Removing Powdered Incense

Kills and removes jinxes & bad luck that's around you!
$7.98 $1.59

Love Drawing Power Ring

Love me, Come to me, and Desire me only. Helps you Find a lover or Draw that special person closer to you.

CLEARANCE - Protection Herbal Magical Soy Votive Candle

I am safe and at ease in body and spirit.
$15.00 $4.99

Advanced Energize 10 Complex

Get More Out of Your Day! Stop dragging yourself around and feeling so blah! Banish your misery and stop suffering. Put some pep in your step and start feeling good again, real soon! Give it a try, today.
From $19.95

Blue - Lucky Dice Power Bead Necklaces

Stop Confusion, have peace of mind. Protects against evil/enemies and Gives Luck in Court Cases and lawsuits.
$15.00 $1.99

Gold - Lucky Dice Power Bead Necklace

Brings Health, Wealth and Happiness. Also good for Fast Success in school or job or luck in business.
$15.00 $1.99

Green - Lucky Dice Power Bead Necklaces

Fast Money Drawings, Helps Hit Jackpots at any Gambling Game. Pulls Money quick, any old way.
$15.00 $1.99

Purple - Lucky Dice Power Bead Necklaces

Conquer any situation or problem with Power. Control others and make them do as you say.
$15.00 $1.99

Red - Lucky Dice Power Bead Necklace

Draw your boyfriend, husband, wife or lover close to you, so they desire you only and don't run around. Make love/sex bond strong!
$15.00 $1.99