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CLEARANCE: Lemongrass Scented Votive Candle

Burning this Lemongrass scented votive will help help you to get fast luck and have people stop talking about you.
$3.00 $1.99

CLEARANCE: Musk Scented Votive Candle

Burn this Musk Scented Votive Candle to get the person of your dreams into your life.
$3.00 $1.99

CLEARANCE: Patchouli Scented Votive Candle

Burn this Patchouli Scented Votive Candle to find true love - forever!
$3.00 $1.99

CLEARANCE: Rosemary Scented Votive Candle

Burn this Rosemary Scented Votive to heal the body, mind and soul.
$3.00 $1.99

CLEARANCE: How To Conduct A Candle Light Service

Complete instruction on how to conduct a candle light service in your home or church.
$10.00 $1.39

CLEARANCE: Imitation of Christ

By Thomas A Kempis - A powerful guide on how to live a christian life-following the path of Jesus-against all evil.
$8.00 $0.99

CLEARANCE: Rev. Moses Conquer All Wishing Stone

This Amethyst Stone helps you conquer all problems and conditions. Use it often and watch your problems disappear!
$11.98 $3.99

CLEARANCE: Rev. Moses Court Case Wishing Stone

Carry this stone to be favored in court against any judge or jury. This stone will aid in giving you the victory you justly deserve.
$11.98 $3.99

CLEARANCE: Rev. Moses Good Luck Wishing Stone

Carry this stone to get some GOOD LUCK in a hurry. For whatever you need, luck at gambling, luck with money, luck with family, lucky with court cases, luck on the job, luck to get whatever you desire to make your life better!
$11.98 $3.99

CLEARANCE: Rev. Moses Jinx Be Gone Wishing Stone

Carry this stone if you are tired of being down on your luck? This stone is believed to remove any jinx or hex when carried or placed in a safe place in your home.
$11.98 $3.99

CLEARANCE: Rev. Moses Miracle Wishing Stone

Carry this stone to have a very important miracle come to you when you need it the most. Carry this stone with you or place in a safe place in your home, place of business or even your dorm room. The more you carry the stone, the more powerful it will become!
$11.98 $3.99

CLEARANCE: Rev. Moses Protection Wishing Stone

Carry this stone to be protected from all evil and harm. This stone will shield you from all negative vibrations! Be protected always!
$11.98 $3.99

CLEARANCE: Rev. Moses Quick Money Wishing Stone

Use this wishing stone to make your financial wishes come true! Pull money from all directions and finally live life at ease! Works fast!
$11.98 $3.99

CLEARANCE: Rev. Moses Stop Evil Wishing Stone

Carry this stone to Stop and Turn Back Evil and all Enemies. Make Satan be Gone for Good from your life, never to return again!
$11.98 $3.99

CLEARANCE: Rev. Moses Strong Love Wishing Stone

Have your lover have eyes for You and You Only. Draw that special someone to become your partner for life.
$11.98 $3.99

CLEARANCE: The 23rd Psalm

Stained glass plaque 6 inch wide and 4 1/2 inches high. This beautiful piece of religious artwork adds warmth and peace to any home. One side has the words to the 23rd Psalm and the other side has praying hands. Have this in your home so you and your family are truely blessed.
$12.95 $4.99

CLEARANCE: The Three Witches or Combination Dream Dictionary

A complete list of dreams and coresponding lucky numbers. Old and reliable!
$7.00 $0.99

CLEARANCE: Saint Dymphna Blessed Pocket Stone

Saint Dymphna is the Patron Saint of those afflicted with mental emotional illness. She will help you to become inspired by her example and she will comfort you with her merciful help.
$10.00 $5.99

CLEARANCE: Saint John of God Blessed Pocket Stone

Saint John of God is the Patron Saint of the sick. Saint John of God will help you during your most trying times with your health. Saint John of God will help ease the problems of chronic pain, disease and any sickness that may be plaguing your body.
$13.00 $5.99

CLEARANCE: Saint Maximilian Kolbe Blessed Pocket Stone

Saint Maximilian Kolbe is the Patron Saint of anti-drug use, drug addicts, families. Pray to Saint Maximilian Kolbe if you are suffering from an addictions to drugs or alcohol. Be free from the illness of addiction when you have a Saint Maximilian Kolbe Blessed Pocket Stone.

CLEARANCE: Saint Peregrine Blessed Pocket Stone

Saint Peregrine is the Patron Saint of Cancer patients. Saint Peregrine will be close to your heart when you carry his blessed pocket stone. Do not feel alone during the hard times that cancer may bring, feel full of life when Saint Peregrine is by your side.
$13.00 $5.99

CLEARANCE: Saint Teresa of Avila Blessed Pocket Stone

Saint Teresa of Avila is the Patron Saint of people that suffer from chronic headaches or migraines. Saint Teresa will help to ease and calm your mind, which during stressful times can cause major uncomfortable head ache pains.
$13.00 $5.99

CLEARANCE: Venerable Matt Talbot Blessed Pocket Stone

Venerable Matt Talbot Blessed Pocket stone is good for people that have addiction problems with alcohol and or drugs. Matt Talbot was a man that had a love affair with alcohol until the age of 28, until one night he had enough, and prayed to God to please help him fight his addictions. The next day, Venerable Matt Talbot was free from his addictions, never having another drink again.
$13.00 $5.99

CLEARANCE: Happy Love & Friendship (Man)

This charm is worn or carried to promote peace, love, and harmony in your environment. It will bring friends and family closer to you and create stronger bonds between loved ones. Open up your heart to those who really care and stay protected against real enemies who do not have your best interest at heart. Wear this to be surrounded by those who truly matter.

CLEARANCE: Protection on Journeys (Rad)

Wear or carry this charm to protect yourself when you are on a physical or spiritual journey. It will keep away road blocks, interruptions, and danger. Use it when traveling long distances or on spiritual quests. It will keep you on the right path and guide you while reaching your final destination. Protects you wherever you go – whether by car, plane, train, or boat!
$25.95 $7.99

CLEARANCE: Acai Dieters Cleanse Capsules

This is a great supplement to take when starting a diet, it will make your body go!
$30.00 $13.99

CLEARANCE: Blood Sugar Support Capsules

Helps to maintain a normal lever of sugar in the blood.
$25.00 $8.99

CLEARANCE: Drug Free Capsules

Helps to detoxify your body of all drugs in your system.
$25.00 $10.99

CLEARANCE: Spice Tea Blend

Nerve Relaxing (36 Tea Bags) This mix of herbal teas will help sooth and relax your senses and relieve your stress, So you can relax and have peace of mind and stop suffering.

CLEARANCE: Adam & Eve Incense

Keeps love close and strong. Make you realtionship better and keep your lover happy.
$19.98 $9.99