Cleopatra Spiritual Oil

Pour a few drops into your bath so that your husband or boyfriend will start paying more attention to you. Nothing will distract him from you again!

Is your boyfriend or husband always distracted by friends, TV, or work? Pour a few drops of the Cleopatra oil in your bath for triple strength. This is believed to give you just the right touch so he can paay more attention to you. You can also anoint your the corners of your bedroom with this powerful oil or you can anoint yourself on your chest, forehead or neck.

Buy 1 oil for only $5.00 each, 3 for only $13.50.

2 oz Bottle for $11.95 each.

4 oz Bottle for $14.95 each.

8 oz Bottle for $24.95 each. 

We offer many different spiritual oils to fit your specific needs! Be blessed and protected when you use these anoitning oils. Each one is packed with strong blessed oil for individual conditions!

Cleopatra Spiritual Oil 1/2 oz Bottle
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Cleopatra Spiritual Oil 3 for 13.50
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Cleopatra Spiritual Oil 2 oz Bottle
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Cleopatra Spiritual Oil 4 oz Bottle
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Cleopatra Spiritual Oil 8 oz Bottle
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