Command Others Through Thought Tranference

Heighten You Innermost Mediumistic Abilities To Obtain The Most Out Of Life.
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Take Control over Every Situation! Increase your will power one thousands fold! use 100% of your mental capabilities to your personal advantage! Don't let others step all over you, again. 

Secrets Entrusted To Only A Few Now Available To The Public 

Learn to Comman Others Throug Mental Tranference
Acquire Centuries Old Techniques Utilized By The Most Psychically Attuned Avatars.

Here Are Powerful Methods To Control And Dominate The Minds Of Others!

Relying on techniques known to only the most adavanced sages - both Western Occultist and Eastern Mystics - Dragonstar, from the Ancient Lodge of Atlantis, is now able to reveal the tru secrets of throught tranference. Now, you can learn to influence and control the minds of others in order to prosper and see your every wish unfold into reality.

The Master speak clearly, precisely and personally to you, betraying mind reading methods that were meant only for a select few of those sages like Moses, having obtained a godly stature. These instructions go beyond anything previously disseminated.

Learn To Commandeer Thought Waves and Mental Whirpools

Don't let others dominate your thinking - Take control over every situation! - Increase your will power one thosandfold!
Use 100 percetn of your mental capabilities to your personal advantage! No need to let others step all over you any longer!

Overcome every sign of resistance! - Be Dealt a Winning Hand at all Times. Yes! That includes in all games of chance!!

Become a living, Dynamic Focal Point to Those Around You! Sense all your virbratory motions that mighty adversely effect your etheric being or astral body!

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