Controlling HQ Incense

Control all problems and situations. This incense will give you controlling power so that you can make others do as you wish or so you can gain control over you own life!

Burning this incense will grant you the power of controlling all that is around you and all those around you. Control all problems and situations in your life. Make others do what you want when you want them to, they will do as you wish as you gain control over your own life and the life of others!

1 Medium Incense can for $6.95each

3 Medium Incense cans for $15.00
1 Pound of Incense for $9.95each
3 Pounds of Incense for $27.00


Controlling HQ Incense Medium Can
SKU: D1020
Controlling HQ Incense 3 cans for 15.00
SKU: D1020D
Controlling HQ Incense 1 lb Bag
SKU: D1020A
Controlling HQ Incense 3 lbs for 27.00
SKU: D1020AD