Crone's Book of Magical Words

Even if you don't know a thing about magic, you can use this book. The spells are easy, poetic, and evocative.
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Crone's Book of Magical Words by Valerie Worth: The range in this book is phenomenal. You'll find a simple fertility charm and a way to conjure with smoke. You'll read about how to bring rain and how to stop rain from falling. You'll learn how to tell fortunes with sand or with tea leaves. This is more than just a book about magic, it is a folklorist's bonanza. 
If you're ready to win another's love or to sweeten someone's disposition, if you want to turn hair long and golden or discover tree spirits, this is the book you must have. Whether you have been doing magic for a long time or are a beginner, this book is a must. 168 Pages

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