Use Crystal Power to Help Bring You Luck, Money, Love and Health or anything that your heart is desiring or wanting, these Crystal Power Gemstones will help you to attain! 

Witch Stones Gemstones for Prediction & Inspiration

Witch Stones are gemstone for prediction and inspiration. Prediction by casting stones has long been a skill of witches and wise women. Witch Stones are a set of eight natural gemstones, painted by hand with symbols of the witch's magical tools.

XXX Money Magnet Stone

This incredible Money Miracle gemstone is one of the most super-charged magnetic stones found in the earth. People have used it with great success in drawing power and money-like a magnet! Get your money prayers answered, today! Comes with instructions and free money magnet Oil & Carrying Bag.
$15.00 $5.99

Good Luck Power Crystal

Comes with: Good Luck Crystal, Good Luck Pouch, Good Luck Crystal Oil, Good Luck Seal, and Easy Directions! Use this crystal-It has MAGNETIC POWERS that can work miracles. It carries loads of good luck and releases it to the one who carries it with them at all times. These good luck crystals also DRIVE AWAY EVIL FORCES AROUND YOU AND WORKS VERY FAST! *FREE GOOD LUCK CRYSTAL KEYCHAIN* $10.00 Value with every order!
From $12.50

Love Power Crystal

Comes With: A pair of Love Power Crystals, Love Power Pouch, Good Luck Crystal Oil, Love Power Seal, and Easy Directions. Use these crystals- They make your loved one stay faithful to you ONLY and makes them obey you and give you what you want! They are also used in uniting two people in marriage or bringing back a lost love. FIND AND HOLD TRUE LOVE! They will also work to remove evil and negativity around you so you can acheive peace of mind and inner balance.
From $12.50

Green Bloodstone

This Bloodstone can be used to destroy money blocks. Use it to Pull Fast Cash and Luck in a Hurry! It carries powerful magnetizing forces that work financial miracles! DRAW MONEY AND LUCK - AND HOLD ONTO IT! Comes with a free Money Drawing Oil and Blessed Carrying Bag. Easy instructions.
$15.95 $10.95

Witch's Stone

This powerful stone is used to destroy and protect you against witchcraft, curses, jinx, and all other voodoo or hoodoo spells. Do not be controlled by the bad intention of others. Break free from evil and protect yourself with the power of the Witch's Stone! Comes with a free Stop Evil Oil and Blessed Carrying Bag. Easy instructions.
$15.95 $7.95

Money Magnet Stones

Super-Charged & Magnetized! To "Pull" and "Draw" the money you so richly deserve, need and want. You get 1 pair of Magnetic Stones, a Carrying Bag and a bottle of Money Magnet Oil to anoint your stones. Carry the stones in purse or pocket or keep near money - so it can multiply.

High John the Conqueror Power Stone

Extra big for Extra Power! This incredible gemstone blocks out all negative vibrations and evil forces and magnetizes and draws Good Luck Only! Remove jinxes and crossed conditions and drive away the devil. Conquer any and all situations and conditions - no matter how bad! Comes with a free blessed protection cloth and easy directions.
$21.95 $14.95

Clear Quartz Angel Gemstone Carved Figurine

Clear Quartz Angels purify and cleanse your mind spiritually and your body physically. They help your Mental powers of Concentration, Focus and Energy. They also work to Get rid of Negative (bad/evil) energy and provide an environment or Positive Force field of Protection, Peace, Happiness and Harmony in all your surroundings. This wonderfully carved Guardian Angel can be carried in purse, pocket, car or anywhere you need its magnificent powers to work for you. You may hold it in your right hand & state your wish or desire. 1 ½” tall.

Fluorite Angel Gemstone Carved Figurine

Heightens Psychic abilities. Encourages us to peacefully see both sides of any situation.

Rose Quartz Angel Gemstone Carved Figurine

Rose Quartz Angels bring Love, Compassion & Kindness to you and those around you. They aid in “Opening up the Heart”, so one can receive the love of others. That is why it is often called the “Love Stone”. This stone is associated with the Heart Chakra and is said to Help you find the right kind of love/person for you! It also is a great source of emotional security and enables you to love yourself and accept yourself for who you are, so that you can attain inner peace and joy whenever you are facing hard life problems or transitions in life. It is your “Love Life” Guardian & Protector, and it will help steer you in the right direction concerning all love matters and situations. This wonderfully carved Guardian Angel can be carried in purse, pocket, car or anywhere you need its magnificent powers to work for you. You may hold it in your right hand & state your wish or desire. 1 ½” tall.

Sodalite Angel Gemstone Carved Figurine

Sodalite Angels are known to provide Inner Peace, Comfort and Healing properties because they help eliminate confusion and bad thoughts and boost your immune system. This stone is said to aid in Mental Clarity, Knowledge, Understanding and ambition, which translates into Prosperity and Success. It is a powerful tool for Business Owners and Ministers because it Improves the powers of Communication and it also helps with productivity and efficiency- essential tools for drawing people and customers into your sphere of influence. This wonderfully carved Guardian Angel can be carried in purse, pocket, car or anywhere you need its magnificent powers to work for you. You may hold it in your right hand & state your wish or desire. 1 ½” tall.

Dragon Aventurine Gemstone Carved Figurine (Green)

Carry in Purse or Pocket to Reverse & Turn Back all Evil and Conquer your Enemies. Make the Devil Run, so that now you can finally have all the Good Luck, You Deserve! Place near your bedside to Re-Charge your Green Aventurine Dragon Gemstone Figurine.
$25.00 $9.95

Polar Shift For Protection Rare Gemstone

Carry these three Magnetite Stones in the bag provided, or keep in your home to Protect you against all evil & negative forces.
$18.98 $14.95

Reverse Bad Luck Rare Gemstone

These powerful set of six Black Obsidian Arrowheads were crafted by Powerful Indian Tribes.
$25.00 $14.95

Destroy Addictions/Will Power Rare Gemstones

This Super Red Garnet Gemstone Pack comes with a pendant, gemstone and bracelet to carry or wear.
$18.98 $14.95

Cleansing/ Calming Rare Gemstone

Moonstone (Selenite) Grid Set - These three Powerful Moon Rock Rods will help calm, relax and cleanse you.
$20.00 $14.95

Stress and Headache Reliefe Rare Gemstones

This Fen Shui Stress Relief Set contains a powerful Gemstone to help Calm ones soul and provide headache relief.
$19.95 $14.95