The powers of crystals have been used for centuries to find things – money, love, success and treasures of all kinds including answers! People use crystals for extra power when meditating, doing rituals, or spell casting. They are also carried for protection, good luck, and achieving goals. Each color crystal point represents a purpose – each one has a unique and powerful use. These crystal power points are beautifully crafted by hand and are held by the finest sterling silver available. Gain power and Get answers! 100% GENUINE CRSYTALS AND STERLING SILVER!

Clear Quartz Healing Crystal Necklace

Clear Quartz is used for healing and good health. Remove evil vibrations and heal aches and pains. It will protect you and bless you.
From $25.00

Green Quartz Gamblers Crystal Point Necklace

Wear or carry the Green Quartz to help increase your odds so you can win BIG! This crystal works for all games of chance inclusing cards, slots, races, bingo and more! This is a great cystal point for all kinds of Gamblers!
From $25.00

Hematite Jinx Removing Crystal Point Necklace

Wear or carry this Hematite Crystal Point to removed jinxed or crossed conditions. Use it to get rid of the evil that surrounds you. Use it to make the Devil run far and fast from your life, for good! Be free from bad luck and all kinds of jinxes.
From $25.00

Rose Quartz Love Crystal Point Necklace

Wear or carry this Rose Quarts Crystal Point to draw that special man or woman into your life or to improve your marriage. Find true love and make it last. Use it to enhance your sex life too!
From $25.00

Turquoise Good Luck Crystal Point Necklace

Turquoise brings good luck in all things good! Turn that bad luck streak around and better your life. Get luck in love, money, work, and more!
From $25.00