Curses and their Reversals

Omens, Superstitions and the Removal of the Evil Eye.
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Learn how to remove all hexes, curses and spells from your life. Curses and Black Magic will never trouble you again! Vanquish bad luck, know the future and create a better, happier life for you and your loved ones! 

What is the universe trying to tell you? 

Do you sometimes feel like you've locked horns with the Devil?

Does it seem like you've been jinxed - that someone has put the double whammy on you?

Now you can finally be free of all misfortune as good luck is just around the corner!

The wrodl's leading mystics will show you how to protect yourself rom evil and attract good luck!

For centuries, people have been closely observing the world around them in the belief that certain events could foretell the future. These signs are called OMENS, and their meanings have been handed down from generation to generation.

Did you know it is considered good luck when you find a spider in your house at night? Or that a crowning hen signifies bad fortune? Many people still think that carrying a magnetic lodestone will protect them from evil and curses.

Learn how to remove all hexes from your life - surround yourself with prure white light and the blessings of the Creator. There are Laws of the Universe,designed to protect you and cancel out all negativity from those who wish you bad luck and misfortune. The Evil Eye, Curses Black Magic will never trouble you again!

Here are literally dozens of curses, omens and superstitions along with spells and rituals that will enable you to vanquish bad luck, know the future and create a better, happier life for you and your loved ones.

Includes such popular superstitions as : Signs of Good or Bad Luck; THe meaning of Dogs howlings and owl hooting; Signs of Approaching Bad Health and Death; How to Remove and Protect from the Evil Eye; Birthdays; Card Playing and Gambling; The meaning of Lucky Gemstones and much more!!  

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