December Special: Rev. Moses Blessed Items

DECEMBER SPECIAL - "3 in 1" House Blesser

*Draws luck and money *Stops evil and protects you *Keeps peace in home
From $2.99

DECEMBER SPECIAL - 3 Day Quick Money Dust

For sprinkling or carrying, and has a sweet pleasant smell! Get money quick! 2 oz. pkg.
From $2.99

DECEMBER SPECIAL - Chase Away Evil Floor Sweep

Move that evil mess out of your home and make the devil go away. Turn back evil and get rid of your enemies for good! Control troublesome neighbors or so-called friends.
From $3.49

DECEMBER SPECIAL - Double Lucky Floor Sweep

Get rid of all that bad luck now! Use this lucky green floor sweep to bring luck to you, your loved ones, and your home. Sweep your floors or sprinkle near front and back doors. Turn your luck around and get on a hot lucky streak!
From $3.49


Graveyard Dirt is to be used to ward off all kinds of evil spirits that may be around you or your home. Do not feel as if there is nothing but pure bad luck brought on by pure evil. Sprinkle graveyard dirt around your home and watch as all evil just disappears and goes away!!!!
From $2.99

DECEMBER SPECIAL - RM Blessed Healing Jerusalem Cloth

This blessed cloth gives your body and mind relief from pain and aches and brings your spirits up if you are feeling down.
$10.95 $6.99

DECEMBER SPECIAL - Stop Evil Protection Blend

This Powerful Stop Evil Protection House Blessing Blend is to Move the devil and all evil out of your home. It works to remove all negative forces from you and your loved ones. Protects you and your loved ones from all harm, jealousy, and evil people who wish you bad luck and harm.
From $2.99