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Improve your love life! Whether it's sexual intimacy, relationships, finding a partner, increased libido or attracting a soulmate, choose any of the products in the Love & Attraction category to help you NOW!  

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7 Knot Spell Kit for Love

Draws true love close to you. Holds and keeps your true love. Your special someone will desire and love you ONLY!
$16.00 $12.95

Adam & Eve Lovers Candle (Medium)

Burn this candle to draw, attract or hold onto your lover- whether male or female. It binds two people together, like Adam and Eve, so that you will have good strong love with the person you desire, and they have eyes for you only.
$16.95 $12.95

Attract True Love (GOLD)

Wear or carry this talisman to draw someone you love and make them come to you. Helps inspire love and affection and arouses passion! Get him or her NOW!
$19.99 $12.95

Attract True Love Necklace

Wear or carry this talisman to draw someone you love and make them come to you. Helps inspire love and affection and arouses passion! Get him or her NOW! SILVER
$19.99 $10.95

Attraction Love Extra Strong Perfume

Attract a new lover or make your existing lover desire you like never before! With this perfume you will be irresistable!
From $5.00

Attraction/Love Drawing Super Power Doll Kit

The Attraction/Love Drawing Doll Kit is used to Attract and draw that special person closer to you! Love can finally be yours, just make him or her come to you and be with you.

Attraction/Love Drawing/Come to Me Triple Strength Fixed 7 Day Candle

Get a lover, draw a lover and hold onto your lover! Make him or her Come To You! He or She will not be able to resist your love!
From $13.50

Black Love Incense Sticks

Draw your lover or the person that you desire closer to you than ever!
From $2.99

Blessed Beauty Love Drawing Bath Bomb

Use the Love Drawing Bath Bomb to draw a love interest, spouse, fiancé, boyfriend, girlfriend, or significant other close to you.

Break-Up/Separation/Bring Back My Lover Triple Strength Fixed 7 Day Candle

Break-up any two people so they never see each other again. Destroy their relationship that is causing you pain and suffering. Bring back your lost or stolen lover. Bring back the one you desire, quick!
From $13.50

Bring Back My Lover Herbal Incense

Returns your husband, wife, boy or girlfriend - straight or gay. Stops anyone from "stealing or influencing" your lover.
From $6.50

Burning Love Lotion

Attract and bind a special person to you. Have strong love and sex! Be wanted by all!
$25.00 $12.95


Bring love to your surroundings by first honoring yourself, then direct your intention to that "special one you desire". This tea is an ancient recipe handed down through generations. The herbs are harvested during the full moon, when intention is greatest! They are then blended in a unique way, which draws out their exceptional powers to create a "potion" worth enjoying! Enjoy pink rose petals, lavender buds, mauira puama, ginger, red clover tops, elecampane, hibiscus and poppies! (Contains 24 tea bags)
$12.95 $6.99

Come to Me/Hot Love Rev. Moses Triple Strength Bath & Floor Wash

The Come to Me/Hot Love Rev. Moses Triple Strength Wash is used for Love. Bathe in this sweet-smelling Come To Me/Hot Love powerful bath to Draw Your Loved One Closer and to make sure he or she Loves You and You Only! He or she will be hot for your love and your attention! They will be running to you with arms wide open!
From $6.00

Come To Me/Love Drawing Triple Strength Spiritual Lotion

Use on chest and thigh area to draw your lover close to you and make them desire you and you ONLY! Get your special someone to be crazy about you with this fresh smelling lotion.
From $7.98

Come To Me/Love Me Only

You can have that Special Drawing Power that you've always wanted. Draw your, husband, special friend, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend close to you & hold them. Make them stop running around & love you only.
From $5.95

Come to Me/Love Me Only Gemstone Elephant Necklace

Draw, keep and hold lover close to you.
$15.00 $9.95

Come to Me/Love Me Only Herbal Power Oil

Wear this and have that special drawing power you've always wanted. Draw your lover, special friend, husband, wife, boyfriend, or girlfriend closer to you and hold them there. You will be the only one for them.

Come to Me/Love Me Only Master Power Bag

I want and need my loved one to come close to me, call me, and desire me only. Lord, please make it so that I am the only important person to them- no one else!
$25.00 $15.00

Come To Me/Love Me Only Super Power Doll Kit

The Come To Me/Love Me Only Doll Kit will Draw and hold your lover close. Makes them desire and think about you, and ONLY YOU! You will be the object of their affection.

Conquer Love Seal Oil

When you are hoping to conquer a love situation use this oil to help bring you the true love you deserve and want! Use the oil to anoint your seals and area near private parts and true love will be yours.

Conquer Love Triple Strength Oil

When hoping to conquer any love problem, use this oil to help bring your loved one to you; make them desire you only. Helps make lover stronger!
From $10.00

Conquering Love Pheromone Oil

$20.00 $12.95

Conquering Love Spiritual Oil

Anoint yourself with this special conquering love oil and your lover will surely find you irresistible. Use on your pulse points or a candle to bring your love back to you!
From $4.50